Seductive Collection by Andrew Smith

“I always try to look for the beauty in what’s in my eyesight; I really wanted to create a collection of styles which draws attention and has an almost magnetic pull to the eye. With my Seductive Collection I wanted to achieve this in a soft way. I wanted the collection to have a laid back effortless beauty.

“When creating any collection I always love to use classic techniques when creating cuts and colours. By using classic  techniques but more interesting shapes you really can create something quite seductive.

“Within my collections, I always like to compliment cut and colour. I avoid something so risky as I feel this is my style. I love colours to be interesting, like in the Seductive Collection but not take over the direction of attraction. Cut wise I feel I like I want to offer something for everyone, so I try to include different lengths and textures as well as a creative cut to please the technical observers whilst still ensuring it fits with my overall style of simplistic effortless beauty.”

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