Showcase your talent!

Salon Lookbook is an innovative platform that’s taken the industry by storm, in an exclusive interview with their team we explore the modern concepts and salon benefits the platform presents.

Tell us about Salon Lookbook and the services it offers to salons and stylists.

Salon Lookbook is an online platform where salons and stylists create a digital portfolio to showcase their work. They can create multiple Lookbooks, gather Client Selfie Reviews, and provide insights into their hair and beauty expertise. The social aspect of the platform enhances its utility as a tool for building strong connections between salons, stylists, and clients, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

The power of a review has been amplified with the move to digital decisions, how does Salon Lookbook work in line with this?

Salon Lookbook has harnessed the influence of digital reviews to help salons and stylists grow their businesses in a competitive market. Our Client Selfie Reviews add the most important layer of trust. A face. So customers know there’s a real person behind the review. When clients leave a review on Salon Lookbook, they will also be asked to leave their review on Google and Facebook, boosting the number of positive reviews on these platforms, which helps attract new clients.

Clients want a seamless and stress free booking process, how does Salon Lookbook help with this?

Salon Lookbook provides a one-stop shop for finding and booking appointments. This saves client’s time and effort in their search and increases a salon or stylist’s visibility. Salon Lookbook can link with the salons or stylists’ online booking platform or through a booking enquiry form that will go to the salon or stylist’s email so they can book that client into their diary, simplifying the booking process for both clients, salons, and stylists.

How can Salon Lookbook help to increase a salon’s footfall and exposure to potential clients?

The platform allows salons and stylists to showcase their services and the quality of their work through digital portfolios, which can attract new clients. The platform facilitates connections between salons and stylists, making it easier for clients to find the right salon and stylist for them, helping them to book with confidence. Additionally, Salon Lookbook’s website feature allows salons and stylists to turn their profiles into websites with their own domain and branding, which can increase organic online traffic and exposure. By using Salon Lookbook’s features and tools, salons can increase their online exposure, helping to drive business growth.

As we continue to move forward, Salon Lookbook is committed to exploring new and innovative ways to assist salons and stylists in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world.

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