Silent Appointments – Forget the Small Talk!

East Midlands salon group, KH Hair, has come up with an idea to offer silent appointments to clients who don’t wish to engage in small talk. and the option to bring work into salons in post-pandemic era.

Silent Appointments

During your hair appointment, if you need to work, are desperate to finish that latest page-turner, or simply want to relax in comfortable silence without the pressure of making small talk – it would seem you’re not alone. KH Hair Group has 21 salons across the East Midlands and staff say they are seeing an increase in clients who are opting for an add on treatment – of the silent variety.

At KH Hair in West Bridgford, style director, Jessica Neil, says she has noticed more clients bringing work in with them. It’s something the salon definitely welcomes. “It’s become a trend since the increase in working from home started and I don’t mind at all,” Jessica says. “I make them comfortable, plug in their laptops, get them a drink and let them get on with it.  Longer colour appointments are perfect as clients can fully relax and get stuck into their work without feeling they have to make a conversation with me. I’m just glad my clients seem happy that they are able to bring their work. It enables more time at the weekend with their family rather than having to work hair appointments around their time off, so it makes perfect sense”.

Jessica says the majority of clients who bring work in do so because they no longer work in the office but at home. So, as long as their work is done it doesn’t matter where they do it. “I even have had a few clients with earphones in while on Zoom calls! However, that’s usually when they’re able to just listen to a meeting and not be on camera,” she adds.

Switch off to stay in touch

Salon manager at KH Hair in Leicester, Joanne Roe, says that time has definitely become more precious since the pandemic. “Some people choose to spend their hair appointment relaxing and having some time for themselves. Others do struggle so switch off unless they are able to stay in touch with work.” she says. “I always try to accommodate my clients’ needs and make them feel as comfortable as I can. At the end of the day, I feel it’s the clients’ choice how they spend their hair appointment. It might be chatting, working, relaxing, reading or just being quiet. As long as they leave the salon feeling happy and with fantastic hair, I’m happy too!” 

Debbie McMenamin, salon director at KH Hair in Nottingham has also spotted the growing trend. “We have noticed a lot more people working from the salon,” she explains. “This started during Covid and continues today.  The flexibility of remote working allows clients to come to the salon during our quieter times and work away on their laptops, enjoying free Wi-Fi and a choice of free drinks in a warm and welcoming environment. We’ve noticed that students studying during appointments is on the increase too.”   

Managing director of KH Hair Group, Darren Messias, believes that the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdowns continue to impact mental health. “Coming into a busy salon with the pressure to make small talk can still seem overwhelming,” he explains. “The silent treatment concept gives control back to the client. They decide if they want to talk or not and we’re absolutely fine with that. It’s our responsibility to make our clients feel comfortable, whatever way they want to experience their appointment. Not everyone wants to be asked how they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. Some just want to come in and relax, so, at KH Hair, we make sure that’s exactly what they do.”

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