Silver Shine Gift Set by Great Lengths

Silver Shine Gift Set by Great Lengths

Let’s hear it for the blondes! Introducing the new Silver Shine Gift Set from Great Lengths. The new gift set contains a trio of products that are perfect for maintaining your clients blonde and silver hair keeping it fresh, vibrant and conditioned.

Available now in Great Lengths certified salons, each set contains the NEW Great Lengths Silver Shine Shampoo, 60 Second Conditioner and High Performance Mask. This luxury aftercare range has been specifically formulated to work with the 100% natural and 100% ethically sourced, luxury Great Lengths hair.

Step 1

Start with the Great Lengths Silver Shine Shampoo which will leave hair vibrant, silky and smooth, and your colour enhanced and refreshed. Containing KERA-PROTECT-KOMPLEX (KERAPHLEX®) which improves the hair structure and repairs existing hair damage and prevents new damage occurring. The Great Lengths Silver Shine Shampoo also contains PRODEW 500, which protects the hair from premature fading by protecting hair colour. Recommended use: 1-2 times a week.

Step 2

Apply the Great Lengths 60 Second Conditioner to leave hair feeling lightweight, restored and beautiful. This creamy formula gets to work in just 60 seconds with the help of AQUARICH® which adds moisture to strengthen the hair fibre and GSP-T® which protects the hair against free radicals. Hair is also protected against loss of moisture and new elasticity from the addition of Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

Step 3

Indulge with the Great Lengths High Performance Mask. Enriched with KERA-PROTECT-KOMPLEX (KERAPHLEX®) hair will be visibly repaired and damage will be kept at bay. Especially effective for dry and brittle hair types, colour will remain vibrant due to the PRODEW 500 ingredient and hair and scalp will be deeply nourished with Jojoba Oil. This intense treatment will refresh and restore dry and damaged hair leaving it shiny, smooth and transformed. Recommended use: 1-2 times a week.


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