Siombaya Collection Directed by David Fergar

The Siombaya Collection is inspired by the strength of women from the most powerful cultures across our continent. Also motivated by a touch of 70s disco!

To the rhythm of curls, twists and also waves, the power of colour takes over the runway. It makes a statement of empowerment and seduction. In the Siombaya Collection it achieves a synergy between hairdressing, make-up as well as styling; creating shine and glitter in a holographic explosion – also with a nod to the past. It’s a journey through Africa, the folklore of Andalusia, the Mexican Muxes and the Geishas of Japan.

Artistic Direction:  David Fergar @davidfergarmua , Hair: Tonylo Garcia @tonylogarcia , Make-up: David Fergar @davidfergarmua . Styling: Antonio Arcos @_antonioarcos__ , Hair Extensions: La central del Cabell @lacentraldelcabell , Photography & Post Production: David Fergar  @davidfergarmua . Assistant: @bymariamuto , Communication: Óscar Martínez

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