Slicked Back Glamour – How to Get the Moisture Look

Seasonal styles come and go, but in Summer there’s nothing so satisfying as to create a beachy wetlook for some evening slicked back glamour.

Slicked Back Glamour

Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna explains how to achieve the slicked back glamour look using Alterna, or similar professional products of your choice.

  1. hampoo and condition the hair with the Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Apply a product like Caviar Anti- Aging Volumizing Blowout Mist from roots to length. This will instantly deliver more fullness and volume and to thicken the hair and create flexible hold
  3. Blow dry the hair over a round Brush to create 3-Dimensional Volume
  4. Apply Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Gelee in your hands and distribute with your fingers through the hair. Do it as if you were combing it to achieve an even distribution and create the ‘Wet Look’. This product will provide hair with instant moisture whilst combatting humidity, controlling frizz and boosting shine. It will also give the hair a light flexible hold.
  5. Finally, comb through the hair to distribute the product further. Also, take the hair back off the face to create a slicked back glamourous finish.
  6. Depending on the client’s hair texture, if extra hold is required, finish the look by applying some wax through the hair or a high hold finishing spray.

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