Social Engagement: Why Hair Pros Should Embrace the Wonders of TikTok

Social Engagement: Why Hair Pros Should Embrace the Wonders of TikTok

Chlöe Swift is a global educator at ghd and has successfully built an audience of almost 60,000 on TikTok. Thousands of viewers following her account for hair insight, product know-how and updates from behind the scenes.

Chlöe has racked up more than a million likes and is on a mission to help more hairdressers understand the impact that the platform can have on both their online profile and their business. “Compared to other social media platforms, I get much more reach from TikTok,” she explains. “More views, more likes and more followers from people all over the world. It’s positive and fun, and a great platform to promote your work and share your passion.”

 For hairdressers, Chlöe recommends that the short-and-sweet nature of TikTok videos, plus the popularity of tutorials on the platform, makes it a perfect choice for hair and beauty professionals to share quick tips and tricks, without too much time and effort required. “I’ve noticed TikTok is really steering towards education,” she continues. “That means it’s perfect for us hairstylists to educate and share our craft with short and snappy videos that grab the attention of the TikTok audience.”

 Here are Chlöe’s top tips for standing out on TikTok: 

 -TikTok isn’t just for silly dances. The audience is keen to learn about and watch new things, especially if you have a talent or craft.

-Keep videos short and sweet. Anything from 15-30 seconds tends to perform best.

-Make use of the TikTok song library. Use trending and popular songs – this means your video will be linked to that song, and will result in more views.

-Ask you audience what they want to see, and video reply to their comments.

-Add a voiceover or text overlay to describe what you are doing in your video. 

As with any social media platform, the key to TikTok is just to download and get started – it doesn’t have to be perfect, and the more you use it and engage with other users, the more you’ll start to understand how, and what, works.


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