Splash Collection by Alexandra Grey

Overlooking the deep mysteries of the sea, Alexandra Grey’s Splash Collection invites us to participate in a dream. Are you ready to dive in an explore another world?

Splash Collection

Alexandra Grey‘s Splash Collection takes us on journey of exploration into a poetic and mysterious underwater world. There, the aquatic silhouettes of Nymphs and Mermaids appear and then disappear. They express all the sensuality, the sublime and undulating richness of unique textures; those which make up the most unique and precious of all element – water.

Hair: Team Alexandra Grey Artistic Directors: David Katchadourian & Pascal Latil Make-up: Johanna Pariente Styling: Veronique Suchet Lighting Assistant & Studio17: Patrice Lemesle Photos and Post Production: Pascal Latil Products: Schwarzkopf Professional Communications: ELP Hair Production

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