Summer Hair Colour Inspired by Ice Cream Sundaes

Summer Hair Colour is  all about bold, transformational hair colours, inspired by summer ice creams! These hair colours pack a lot of flavour and are definitely set to turn heads. With the warmer weather coming out and after a long period stuck in doors, we’re seeing clients being a lot more experimental. They opting for more fun and creative cuts and colours. Dylan Brittain, Director Of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon and International Artistic Director.


Pink is is great Summer Hair Colour and a hue that never goes out of style. Clients who don’t want to opt for a hair colour that’s too vibrant, these muted strawberry tones are perfect. Incredibly on-trend for the season and perfect for blondes who want to update their look but have a colour that will fade out beautifully. This hair colour looks best when teamed with mega shine for a more iridescent finish. Clients should use a hair mask one-twice per week to keep their hair conditioned and full of shine

Orange Sorbet

A statement summer hair colour, this hue is not for the faint hearted. The beauty of this shade is how vivid it is and therefore it may require more maintenance and trips to the salon from the client to keep it looking its best and full of vibrancy. Hair may have to be pre-lightened before tinted to this beautiful hue and aftercare is extremely important. A depositing shampoo or treatment that tops up hair colour is a good idea for clients to invest in to keep hair colour looking its best in between appointments.

Banana Split

With illuminating yellow one of the Pantone Colours of the Year, yellow is one of the most on trend summer hair colours for the season. This colour screams sunshine and happiness but is also seriously cool and works great when worn with a dark root for a more low maintenance yet edgy vibe. Clients may need to have their hair pre-lightened for this shade if not already a light blonde hue, therefore adding in a Bonding Treatment such as Schwarzkopf Fibreplex is beneficial to keep hair in its optimum condition throughout the colour process and to avoid breakage.

Mint Choc Chip

These mint blue/green tones are becoming more and more popular and look great worn many different ways, whether the colour is placed all over the clients hair or via colour panels and pieces, which are a great way for clients to experiment with adding colour into their current hair colour. This is also a great colour for the season for brunettes to experiment with, adding in via highlights or balayage to their hair for a high-fashion hair colour. With this shade it’s important to recommend clients use a colour saving shampoo and conditioner at home to keep the colour looking its best and to avoid it from fading.

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