Sustainable Beauty Coalition announces Jo Chidley, Mark Smith and Oriele Frank as Co-Chairs

Today, the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) is pleased to announce that its three new co-chairs will be Jo Chidley, Mark Smith and Oriele Frank. Together, they will lead the SBC’s strategy for the next year, combining their expertise across packaging, certification, and product sustainability. Jo Chidley, Co-Founder of Beauty Kitchen, is a circular economy expert and chemist; Mark Smith is Director General of NATRUE, a certifier of natural and organic cosmetics; and Oriele Frank is the Chief Product and Sustainability Officer and Co-Founder of Elemis.

The role of co-chair will focus on driving systematic sustainability change across the beauty industry. Spanning consumer, industry, and policy challenges, the role will spearhead change across topics including greenwashing, plastic waste and consumption, and Extended Producer Responsibility.

On their new roles, the newly appointed co-chairs said:

‘I have been representing NATRUE on the Sustainable Beauty Coalition Steering Committee since 2021. Collaboration is key; so, I am delighted to be promoted to co-chair to share leadership of the coalition with my esteemed colleagues, Jo and Oriele. We will continue our work with a wide-range of stakeholders, to inform, engage and most importantly – champion change.’ – Mark Smith, NATRUE.

‘The UN say this is The Decade of Action, with calls for accelerating sustainable solutions for all of the world’s biggest challenges. As Co-Chair of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition, I will work to ensure the beauty industry is uniting to help drive change across all sectors. It’s about progress not perfection.
Oriele Frank, Elemis.

‘The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is about working together on issues that matter. It is our prerogative to share, support and shape the future of our planet through collective action and amplify our impact from all corners of the industry. I’m excited to be co-chair working alongside people who inspire me every day.’ – Jo Chidley, Beauty Kitchen.

The co-chairs will be supported by a Steering Committee made up of cross-industry sustainable beauty experts. These are:

● Sara Vaughan, Innovator, Creator Brands with Purpose, Positive Change Maker
● Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet and Plastic Free.
● Laura Babbs, Global Head of Sustainability, No7 Beauty Company.
● Ruth Andrade, Earth Care Strategy Lead, Lush Cosmetics.
● Elsie Rutterford, Co-Founder, Bybi.
● Barbara Colombo, Sustainability Director, L’Oréal UKI.
An Advisory Board made up of 34 beauty and wider-industry sustainability specialists works collaboratively with the Co-Chairs and Steering Committee members to shape strategies and increase awareness of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition’s work. The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is a cross-sector working group formed to advocate on behalf of the beauty industry for better sustainability practices. It was formed by the British Beauty Council, as one of the recommendations of its ground-breaking sustainability report ‘Courage to Change’, published in 2020. The Coalition is made up of sector experts, brands, suppliers, and industry representatives from across the beauty and personal care sectors including retail, supply chain, trade associations, NGOs, media, etc, and will co-create the overarching framework for action for the beauty industry. Jayn Sterland – Managing Director of Weleda – was the founding Chairperson of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition. Following a successful two-year term, she is being promoted to the British Beauty Council’s Pillar President for Environmental, Social and Governance.

On her new role, Sterland said: ‘As my two-year tenure as Chair of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition draws to a close, it is encouraging to look back and see how, in those two years, and with the expertise of a knowledgeable Steering Committee plus the passionate support of our Advisory Committee, the SBC has truly found its voice. Thanks to the team, there has been significant progress but there’s still much to be done, in an industry that is often resistant to change – birthing a new sustainable, futureproof beauty industry can be a laborious and at times painful process, but essential to our continued evolution.

‘As I pass on the SBC baton, I look forward to my new role as ESG Pillar President supporting the British Beauty Council on Environmental, Social and Governance issues including the industry’s impact on the planet (Environment), on people (Social) via our relationships with employees, suppliers and customers, and the impact of leadership (Governance). Our aim is to push for industry-wide adoption of environmental regulations, bring an end to greenwashing claims, ensure inclusivity and diversity across all sectors, and shine a spotlight on the valuable part that beauty plays in wellness.’

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