Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 from Intradermology

Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 from Intradermology the next generation skin health range from the team at WOW facial Ltd represents a new era in sun protection and damage prevention. 

First, Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 harnesses encapsulated liposomal technology to prevent the absorption of the chemical filters by the skin, whilst maximising the neutralisation of UV rays, lowering the risk of skin irritation, yet enhancing the period of protection.  Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 is suitable for all skin conditions and Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI.

Next, Synergy 6 combines a 3D Physical Filter with revolutionary technological advances in environmental filters and infrared screening. Environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals, smoke and air particles are filtered using alteromonas ferment extract, an exopolysaccharide biomimetic screen.  Cellular integrity is preserved and the dermal epidermal cohesion is improved, resulting in healthier looking skin. 

Infrared energy from the sun’s thermal energy depletes the skin’s dermal matrix causing premature ageing.   Testing demonstrates that Synergy 6 Infrared screen minimises the damage caused by Infrared heat; it reduces MMP production, increases skin firmness by 11.9%, elasticity by 4.8%, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 20 %. [1]

In addition, Synergy 6 utilises the broad spectrum photo protection of gossypium herbaceum, a natural Arabian cotton that has evolved defensive molecules to protect itself from the hot desert climate.  This clever ingredient also provides protection against blue light, typically from electronic devices that we use in everyday life. 

Finally, Intradermology expertly blends a powerhouse of antioxidant, growth factors and acetyl hexapeptide 49.   The results are improved cellular health, improved barrier function and increased hydration, all leading to a reversal in the appearance of ageing and preventing future damage.   

Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 is comfortable to wear on the skin and lasts up to 6 hours. 

Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 from Intradermology takes sun protection to the next level.

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