Tear Me to Pieces

Tear Me to Pieces

This collection features an inspirational thread from the wonderful possibilities that making new creations from objects, garments and materials of any kind that have already been discarded offers to us.

A new life, a new creative expression that is born with so much strength and power, that even surpasses the beauty that was present in the original state.  Another better world is possible, yes, even in the wasteful consumer society in which we live, by giving a second chance to the numerous garments and objects that we discard, we could eliminate the trend of programmed obsolescence and uncontrolled consumerism.


Hair: Alex Azurmendi @ Centro Beta

Hair Assistant: Laura Irure

Photos: David Arnal

Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia

Make-up: Wildvandijk

Stylist: Visori Fashionart

Products: DECODE Montibello