The Aesthetic Transition

In this inspirational story, we explore how aesthetics helped Jaxon’s transition to become his true self.

Born as Jessica, living as a lesbian and struggling deeply with his mental health, Jaxon felt that he wasn’t living life in the body that was meant for him.

Jaxon is not alone in his struggle, many individuals find it difficult to come to terms with their gender. Supporting Tran’s lives is more important than ever, and aesthetics industry has the capability to help these lives flourish. Society must acknowledge the difficulties people like Jaxon face.

With support from his family and friends, Jaxon underwent top surgery and returned to work as a Prison Officer, but is keen to share his story.

As an activist for the transgender community, Jaxon aims to inspire others who feel like he did and reassure them that their lives are worth living and also encourage society to understand.

“It shouldn’t be so scary to be yourself” – Jaxon Feeley 

After his surgery, Jaxon’s journey to his true self and real happiness had begun. He had started to see how he felt on the inside reflected back at him in the mirror, but he wanted his face to look more masculine and didn’t know how to achieve this next step.

This is when Jaxon got in touch with a leading industry expert at Lipology Academy Ltd, to find out how non-surgical aesthetic treatments could help him become more masculine and be accepted as the man he is. 

Lipology is renowned for their safe approach to aesthetics, Jaxon felt at ease as Lipology always train their practitioners to the highest standards and create safer techniques. The Lipology Academy was launched in 2012 and teaches a full and comprehensive curriculum, aimed at giving their students a clear insight into the most up-to-date information and techniques in aesthetics. 

The Lipology team’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovative techniques meant that Jaxon’s request was welcomed and he was comforted by the high quality premium choice of products and their full compliance to UK regulations and CE certification. 

Starting with an in-depth consultation, Jaxon talked about his heart-shaped face and how it felt more like Jess.

Founder of Lipology, Catherine Hughes-Hobbs, is an Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner and lead tutor. She has worked as a medical professional in a multi-disciplinary setting for over 36 years. 

Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry helped Catherine to navigate how she would be able to sculpt a more chiseled jawline to make Jaxon feel more masculine and boost his confidence using specialist techniques alongside a high quality dermal filler aptly called Genius.

“It’s been an honour to give him the results he really wanted so he could feel truly confident from the inside-out.” Said Catherine.

Over an in-depth consultation plus two treatments sessions, six weeks apart, Genius Ultra was skillfully used to sculpt Jaxon’s new jawline, cheek and chin to help reshape his face.

Catherine believes it’s time for the aesthetics industry to transition too. “As Aesthetic Practitioners, it’s an important time to educate ourselves, upskill and support the transgender community through treatments like this.” said Catherine.

The aesthetics industry has gone through so much backlash in the media and lost its purpose. Using aesthetics to change someone’s life like Jaxon’s is what the industry should be about.

Learn more about Jaxon’s journey, his transition from female to male and how aesthetics has helped his confidence through the full video on the Genius website.

To help the aesthetic industry support the transgender community, Genius have partnered with training provider Lipology to offer training on how to use dermal fillers to create more masculine or feminine features.

To see more on Jaxon’s transformation, you can find a video here:

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