The Best Men’s Hair Styling Products for Barbers

When it comes to men’s styling products for barber shops, everyone has their own set of essentials. Whether your clientele love a smooth fade, suave slick-back or some edgy texture, you need those key products on hand to create the perfect look.

So, if you are searching for your next favourite gel, spray or pomade, take a look at some of our top picks to refresh your styling cabinet this year…

Our Best Hair Pomades For Men

Men’s hair pomades have had a revival lately – perhaps, in part, thanks to the trends set by Peaky Blinders!

The trick is to find one that keeps hair flexible while still offering a long-lasting slick shine…

Dapper Dan Matt Paste

The original and flagship product of the Dapper Dan brand, this paste is perfect for messy styles, partings and quiffs. Whatever your clientele want, this product will do it all! Dapper Dan’s Matt Paste offers a strong yet flexible hold with a smooth and easy application that washes out easily.

This high-hold, low-shine matt paste has strong and pliable hold and comes with a vintage cologne fragrance for that classical touch. For a slightly smoother application, try applying the paste to damp hair or add a splash of water to your hands, and mix with the clay.

Morgans Pomade High Shine/ Firm Hold

Morgan’s Pomade Styling Pomade features an exclusive blend to help achieve high shine looks with long-lasting high hold and precision. It is water-soluble and easy to wash it, it is presented in an original vintage style jar. Simply apply a small amount to your hair and then style as you want with a comb.

If you’re looking for a more modern style pomade, water-based, but one that still retains that glossy shine notorious with oil-based pomades, this is the one for you. This incredible pomade also comes with Morgan’s signature fragrance of bergamot, jasmine, sandal, and patchouli for a traditional barbering scent.

Our Best Men’s Shaving Gels & Creams

There are two priorities when it comes to buying the right shaving gel or cream; to cut through stubborn stubble with ease, while avoiding any razor rash and burns.

You don’t want to leave tough stubble that seems to defy shaving cream, and blunts the edge of your razor. This is known as the ‘Bluebeard’, and your clientele deserves more than that.

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

This tough-on-stubble shaving cream is specially designed to tackle the harshest stubble known to man – the dreaded ‘Bluebeard’. This award-winning shaving cream is vegan-friendly and helps to nourish and moisturise the skin. It’ll also prevent many common shaving woes too, such as razor rash and burn.

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is heralded by leading barbers for its ability to perform a top standard wet shave. Use an almond-sized amount together with a little warm water to provide one of the richest lathers you’ve ever seen! Then, load it on to your brush and get to work. This cream is also packed full of Bluebeard’s Revenge original British barber shop scent, too.

etch TAPER Shape Up Shave Gel

etch’s shave gel has been exclusively formulated to create an unrivalled shaving experience for hair and beards. This gel provides long-lasting, non-sticky lubrication using minimal gel when compared to other leading brands. A lightweight formula that regenerates and soothes skin, the gel shielding it from nicks and moisturises while it works.

Containing natural peppermint for a cooling fragrance, the gel has been developed with barbers’ own feedback it is now, arguably, the best shave gel on the market. There is no artificial perfume, harsh chemicals or alcohol. The etch TAPER Shapeup Shave Gel is dermatologically tested and approved.

Our Best Men’s Hair Styling Products

If gel or pomades aren’t your barber shop’s thing, or simply your clients prefer sprays or a lightweight dust, you still have plenty of choice. What you want from these products is for them to be usable on all types of hair.

OSMO Matt Salt Spray

Your clients will be California dreaming with this Osmo Matt Salt Spray, as you evoke the surfer look. This mattifying texturising spray is ideal for gritty and messed up hair. The lightweight formula adds volume with flexible, natural movement for a long-lasting finish. For added volume, apply the spray through damp hair and blow dry as normal.

One of the best sprays around, it doesn’t leave hair feeling greasy and isn’t too watery to prevent adding volume. Shake well before use and for the best results, use on dry hair by spraying sparingly onto sections. Suitable for all hair types.

OSMO Power Powder

OSMO’s Power Powder is a lightweight, volumising powder which is designed to add texture and lift to the hair without weighing it down. This powder provides grit and thickness where your clients need it without leaving a sticky residue behind. It does all of this quickly and easily without weighing the hair down.

With its easy to use five-hole dispenser, sprinkle a small amount directly into the roots and rub vigorously to take hold. Then, simply style as desired. Suitable for all hair types, OSMO’s Power Powder washes out easily.

A favourite barber shop brand to check out…

We always want to provide you with new brands that you may never have heard or considered before. Today’s spotlight is on Copacetic and their incredible gentleman’s range of hair and beard care products. You’ll find some of the best pomades, paste, creams and clays around in vintage-style jars.

Quintessentially British, Copacetic is American slang for extremely satisfactory, but their products are much more than that! Influenced by the 1920s and ‘30s, they are Gentleman’s brand whose products have been tried, tested and are trusted by the industry’s top barbers. Founded by the highly respected Joth Davis in the award-winning Savills Barbershop, you’ll find hero products and vintage-looking kit, including shaving bowls and tool rolls.

Read more: Brand Spotlight: Copacetic Barbering

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