The best shoes for barbers, recommended by barbers

We expected that not working for almost four months would take a toll on our bank balance, but who knew our feet would take such a hit too  – but begone sore balls because we’ve rounded up the best shoes for barbers.

We asked our Facebook followers what brands keep their soles singing and their arches ecstatic. Here’s what they had to say:


Cheryl Broad: “Doc Martens all day every day. I buy super feet insoles for them as well.”

Chris Newton: ” Nike Airforce Ones (black). They look smart enough that they don’t look too much like a pair of trainers, but they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn for work.”

Spencer Thrower: “Crocs all the way”

Katherine Edwards: “For women, Clarks Unstructured. They’re like slippers – light and they have a cushioned in sole.”

Nicola Moore: “Converse Hi-Tops! Got me through 25 years.. leather so they wash well and the hair doesn’t get stuck.. wipe clean 😉

Hannah Remington: “I would normally never be seen DEAD in a pair of Sketchers but I’ve got to say they are saving my life this week so far”

Su Croft: “Clarks Trigenic range…. Not sure if they do mens, otherwise classic Wallabees. Sale on now!”

Arlene Wicinski: “Mephisto all the way!!!”

Sarah Mitchell: “Timberlands are comfy”



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