The C-Cut is breaking Instagram

The C-Cut simply consists of a series of layered sections of hair cut in a C shape. So what’s all the hubbub about? Well the C-Cut got its name because the layers lend thickness, length, and volume to the hair and frame the face.

The origins of the C-Cut

This hairstyle, given its shape, evokes Rachel’s iconic cut, sported by Jennifer Aniston, on the 90’s sitcom Friends, created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. The cut is also going viral on both Instagram and TikTok because it suits any type of face, enhancing anyone’s appearance. The triumph of this cut, much like the Monica Cut, is also thanks to the return of Friends on Netflix more than twenty years after it debuted. Like the Chopped Bob and the Box Bob, this is one of the most likely candidates for the trendiest look of 2023.

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The pros of the C-Cut

This type of cut makes it possible to add more thickness to hair and the illusion of length. The C-Cutt can be perfect for those with lots of hair who want to lighten their cut. The advantage is that it removes weight in the front, leaving hair lighter, making it easier to add volume during styling. Moreover, this cut works well for those who already have bangs. But it can be adapted to very different kinds of cuts and can enhance different lengths. Instead, it doesn’t work well for those with wavy or curly hair, so a softer look would be preferable. Another version of the C-Cut was offered by actress Lucy Hale, the start of Pretty Little Liars.

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What’s different about the C-cut?

The C-Cut also impacts the shape of the face, while a V-Cut is mainly layering all the hair. The U shape gives a rounder look with hair longer in the center and the shorter, sculptured sides..

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