The Heaven Collection by Ivan Rodríguez

The Heaven Collection conveys the calmness of the colour blue. A more relaxing colour doesn’t exist! It has a positive effect on the mind. No wonder that we love looking “into the blue” – upwards at the sky an into an inexplicable calm.

The color blue speaks of the calm of the sea and the beauty of the sky. Blue inspires us to live in the present. No stress, no rush. Just being in the here and now. Practice serenity – discover The Heaven Collection.

Can a hairstyle be turned into a work of art? But yes! Hair stylists like Ivan Rodríguez prove that hairdressing can indeed be an art. Playing with colour and shape attracts every talented hair artist. It is the creativity that needs awakening.
We send our dreams, wishes and hopes to heaven. It embodies the longing of youth. That is the inspiration for The Heaven collection by Ivan Rodríguez. Contrasts, textures and nuances are modern and daring. The hair becomes a surprising, lively material with undone effects, splashes of color and also unusual shapes. They demonstrate creativity, beauty and liveliness.

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Hair: Ivan Rodríguez @ivanrohair, Photography: Jesús Herrera @jesusherrerag, Make-up: Thessa Peralta & Greg del Toro @thessaperalta_mua, Styling: Ivan Rodríguez

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