The Perfect Formula for Success 

Ormsby shares his top four benefits of Vish

It’s been about a year since Luke Ormsby introduced Vish to his two sustainably-minded salons in Pinner and Primrose Hill London, just long enough that he still shudders at the memory of life before the colour technology revolutionised his colour bar. Since introducing Vish into his salons, Luke has seen profits increase, costs shrink, and his team’s creativity fly high.

But it’s not just through cutting waste that Vish has helped the Luke Ormsby salons flourish. The benefits cover much more. Here are Luke’s top four ways Vish makes his colour services shine.


Benefit #1– Simplify Charging

Vish brings colour into focus. It’s easy to compare income against costs. With such clarity, I now price for profit, with colour thresholds covered by the basic charge. Vish then automatically sends the cost of additional colour bowls applied via our front desk app, freeing the team of that responsibility. Over the past year, since installing Vish, I can count on one hand the comments clients have made, and most have actually been positive. Clients are happy to pay for the colour they need.


Benefit #2 – Cut Colour Costs

When I heard about Vish I wasn’t convinced we generated enough waste to justify the cost, so I ran an experiment. I got the assistants to empty all waste into a jar. We are a sustainably-minded business, but in less than a month, we’d dumped more than 1kg in that jar. I contacted Vish immediately. Our over-mixing is now minuscule, and our colour budget is down. That’s cold, hard cash that stays in my business instead of being rinsed down the sink.


Benefit #3 – Diminishes he Drama

Bad record-keeping is chronic in most salons. Stylists are just too busy. When someone is elbow-deep in a service, it’s too distracting to break off and write down a formula. If they remember later, they might not record it accurately, and they will only write down the quantities mixed, perpetuating waste. Often, though, stylists keep it in their heads, which is a flawed system and makes evolution of colour to keep the client interested impossible. It also makes it harder for a colleague to look after another stylist’s client in an emergency. With Vish, every gram of colour we mix is recorded in the system, providing a detailed history with the exact amounts required. It’s easy to access, easy to recreate, and easy to evolve.


Benefit #4 – Save Time and Hassle

Instead of counting box tops or tubes or ordering the same number of colours each week, I now check on Vish for an itemised list of what’s been used and replace only those. The time-consuming, tedious job of stock control is gone. It’s brought our stock on hand down, as I only order what we’ve used, so cash isn’t tied up in stock sitting on the shelves for weeks, and we never run short of what we need. We still do counting regularly, but not every week since now we can rely on Vish.


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