What if, suddenly, the hair stopped being hair and became silk, cotton or cashmere? What if, instead of scissors and combs, the hair was manipulated on looms and with crochet needles?

What began as a fantasy that would unite, in a surprising creation, two worlds until now only complementary, hairdressing and haute couture.


Collection: Carol Bruguera

Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol

Hairdressing Manager: Su Moreno

Hairdressers: Jesi Alcalá, Anabel Cirera, Núria Codina, Eva Crous, Judit Cuesta, Angie López, Alberto Moreno, Sara Piña, Brugués Vilaró

Make-up: Anna Pardo (Bodymims)

Photos: Xenia Lau

Lighting and Photography Assistant: Àngel Ruiz

Lighting Assistant: Josu Gómez

Design & Strategy: Dadà&Co