True Grey: Enhance and Revitalise Natural Grey

Wella Professionals, leading salon colour brand unveils True Grey with AquaTone* technology; for people who want to enhance and revitalise their natural grey hair without commitment and damage. 

A duo of in-salon treatments, Express Silver Glow and Silver Glow, bring True Grey by Wella Professionals to life. They are designed to revitalise and enhance naturally grey hair by adding silver hues and contours, reducing yellowness; also leaving hair feeling soft and manageable – all with natural looking results. 

Following expert-led research and observations into the world of naturally grey hair, Wella Professionals saw a beautiful and complex universe of light, shadow, dimensions and textures. The new AquaTone* technology combines a number of benefits; these include the neutral pH of 7, which helps maintain the original structure of the hair and its cuticles. This allows the treatments to be as gentle on hair as pure water, and subtle and soft grey Toners; these mimic the natural hues of grey hair while fading away naturally with no regrowth line. 

Further, True Grey does not contain traditional alkalizers like ammonia or ethanolamine. It is also without both perfume and animal products; it is also dermatologically tested. 

Wella Professionals stylists are now have all the equipment to help you transform your grey; creating a silver that you will love even more. 


EXPRESS Silver Glow, a 15-minute treatment for those looking for a quick hint of silver. It creates an overall healthy-looking finish, whilst softly reducing yellowness. 

Silver Glow is a treatment with a 30-minute development time. It is available for a more expressive and bespoke application to enhance natural shadow and add shine, as well as reduce yellowness, leaving hair soft and manageable. 

“We’re seeing more and more people embracing their natural grey and following celebrity footsteps, with a growing community of ‘Silver Sisters’ loving their true colour. It feels like the world is finally realising how beautiful, authentic and empowering grey can be. I am so happy about the launch of Wella Professionals new Silver Glow treatments and True Grey line, as you will see enhanced, natural and healthy-looking results. The technology has a vast range of benefits that you can’t get with colour or silver shampoos – it is completely revolutionary. Although results are subtle, they will make a huge difference and will keep you coming back. Our stylists will work closely with you to ensure the results are an enhanced grey that’s a true  reflection of you. This is a great treatment if you are concerned with damage, commitment and time.” Rossano Ferretti Global Ambassador for True Grey 

True Grey is the latest addition to the Wella Professionals portfolio that will celebrate and uncover new possibilities for naturally grey hair. The treatment will revitalise greys and unlock hair that’s full of character and full of life. A grey that’s a true reflection of you. If you love your silver, let it glow. 

*patent pending 

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