TRUITY by Pravana: focusing on clean beauty and transparency

TRUITY by Pravana: clean beauty and transparency, color-safe, and consciously-made for salon pros and clients seeking naturally-derived and cruelty free products.

There was a time when soap & water was the ultimate expression of wholesomeness. A fresh face was clean and transparency was a coveted attribute. Now Pravana picks up and proudly bears this standard by bringing transparency to the forefront of clean beauty and hair care with a new clean collection infused with essential science: TRUITY by Pravana.

In an age when salon professionals are seconding demands made by savvy clients for naturally-derived and safe products, Pravana has launched TRUITY by Pravana: clean hair care without compromise and total transparency in packaging. TRUITY’s 86 to 95 percent naturally-derived* ingredients are infused with essential science** to boost effectiveness and overall safety for formulas that don’t compromise on performance and experience. The truth about Truity by Pravana? It is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and color safe.

Reflecting the commitment to clean beauty and transparency, the exact percentage of ingredients is listed on every TRUITY by Pravana bottle. TRUITY is also packaged in 50 percent post consumer resin, which is plastic that has been recycled and repurposed, in an effort to reduce virgin plastic going into the market.

With TRUITY, Pravana brings together the concept of embracing hair in its truest form with openness and transparency about its ingredients,” said Michelle Chandler, Pravana’s General Manager. “This collection ties us back to our roots and honors the brand’s longstanding values by putting our community, their needs and the need for conscious care first. TRUITY’s promise to be clean without compromising the results and experience of our customers is one we believe in wholeheartedly.

Now clients can indulge in clean beauty and transparency with three great TRUITY by Pravana products. Daily Cleanse and Daily Condition – both of which are color safe and feature vegan formulas – add moisture and hydration for soft, shiny, beautiful hair, while Thermal Blow Dry Cream protects hair from heat and maintains lightweight texture and feel by reducing frizz and minimizing fly-aways.

TRUITY by Pravana range includes three products

DAILY CLEANSE Color Safe Vegan Shampoo:

86% Naturally-derived* + 14% Essential Science** to soften hair while cleansing and enhancing lather.

DAILY CONDITIONER Color Safe Vegan Conditioner:

95% Naturally-derived* + 5% Essential Science** to increase color protection.

THERMAL BLOW DRY CREAM Lightweight Frizz Control:

93% Naturally-derived* + 7% Essential Science** to maintain lightweight texture and feel.

*Naturally-derived percentages have been calculated in accordance to the Global ISO Standard 16128-2. In the TRUITY by PRAVANA, the naturally-derived percentages range from 86% to 95% depending on the product.

**Essential Science ingredients are those necessary to boost effectiveness, safety and the overall experience of the formulas.

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