VIN & OMI at LFW: Get the Hair Look with KMS

Simon Webster has taken Avant Garde to a new level at London Fashion Week. His extraordinary “Scale & Silhouette” themed hair creations were in perfect synergy with the VIN & OMI Collection. Here’s how he achieved 3 outstanding looks using KMS products.

 “To compliment the specific VIN & OMI designs hair took a focus on sustainability,” explains Head Stylist, Simon Webster. “Considering the biggest culprit for salon waste is hair, I created sculptural hair creations using only hair cuttings. Over 100 used wigs were donated to the show from local theatres and museums. The wigs were blended with natural hair cuttings gathered from our salon to build hair-mats, sheets, and bases for larger creations and the theatrical, avant-garde element is at the heart of all of the looks.” 

Hair Horns


1: Use a cardboard coned base, pinned over a Bantu knot on either side of the head, with donated hair wefts and hold in place with KMS Hair Stay Working Hairspray.

2: Spray with KMS Style Colour to add vibrancy. 

3: Twist into a deconstructed horn shape and mist over the KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray to fix in place.

The Bottle Beehive


1: Prep the natural hair with Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray.

2: Next blow dry with KMS Thermashape Quick Blowdry to smoothe hair. 

3: Use waste KMS Styling bottles attached to a donated wig and pile high into a deconstructed beehive. 

4: Finish with KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray.

Elevated Wigs

1: Use a combination of donated bobbed wigs and hair weft glued in the hair. 

2: Spray the KMS Hair Stay Working Hairspray to create a strong shape. 

3: Finish by misting the KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray all over to set style in place.

KMS is proud to partner with VIN & OMI as sustainability is central to their brand ethos and felt like a natural alignment. VIN & OMI balance their carbon footprint and try to develop a social impact and environmental impact project around all of their work.


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