Vivienne Collection by Laurent Voisinet

Devoted to Vivienne Westwood, punk icon, activist, nonconformist, irreverent fashion stylist, Vivienne Collection by Laurent Voisinet offers a breath of fresh air made in LONDON. With pep, grunge and quirky inspirations.

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Free during the day and subversive at night, the season will be sunny. Ever sharper, ever more creative, the VIVIENNE collection pays homage to the free woman, playing with all her facets, all her identities.  Two interpretations of the bob cut, texturized and sculptural. To be each time neither quite the same, nor quite another. Daring to be assertive in the spotlight.

Photo credits Vivienne by Laurent Voisinet

Artistic directors: Laurent Voisinet and Pascal Latil
Hair: Laurent, Carole and Manon Voisinet
Make-up: Ambre
Wardrobe: Véronique Suchet
Photo and Photo editing: Pascal Latil
Models: Agata Suduiko and Carla Maurel
Thanks to WELLA COMPANY and Marc Casez
Press Agency: ELP Hair Production

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