Wahl dropped an album!?

Wahl dropped an album, making beautiful music by integrating the unique sound of their clippers into a summer soundtrack.

What’s the buzz? Wahl, the innovator in the barber industry is crossing over into music! Indeed, Wahl dropped an album of six new sound tracks as part of its new Icons of Wahl campaign. The unique sound of Wahl clippers mix perfectly into a summer soundtrack created by legendary professionals. The entire Icons of Wahl line, including the Senior, the Legend, the Magic Clip, the Super Taper, the KM10, and the Detailer are part of this campaign.

Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s Global Brand Director, explained the thought process behind the inventive blending of tool vibrations with music. “The buzz of Wahl tools has always been music to my ears. I know barbers and stylists will immediately recognize each tool’s unique rhythm and vibration within these new songs. We are passionate about celebrating the essence of their craft in a way that resonates, with music being such a large part of the barbershop or salon experience, and feel inspired and energized in this industry they cherish.

A little background music

At the heart of every barbershop is a musical backdrop that sets the tone for the space, the
experiences, and the clients. And the sound of iconic Wahl clippers and trimmers has always been a familiar and relaxing. So, in a bold creative move, Wahl decided to blend these reassuring sounds with music that resonates with modern professionals. And now Wahl dropped an album counting six fresh tracks. Each track seamlessly incorporates the distinctive sounds of a Wahl tool, with a view to celebrating the unique identity and diversity of industry pros.

Musically speaking, every Wahl clipper has its own distinct vibration, tone, and pitch. These characteristics make it possible to create a totally original symphony of sound. If producers factor in the variable speeds, swappable blades, along with a variety of different cutting techniques, the final result is a rich sonic palette of sounds.

So Wahl dropped an album entitled The Icons of Wahl campaign. Wahl professional Rick Morin, Fernando Ibánez, Garland Fox, Kristi Faulkner, Nieves, and Arisa Thomas were paired with the headlining Wahl tool that has played a pivotal role in shaping their careers. Then Wahl enlisted producer John Ferreria to craft original songs that merge the rhythms of their favorite tools with the genres that inspire them

The tracks

  • Rock the Look Rick Morin feat. Wahl Senior® 80’s Rock
  • Abracadabra Kristi Faulkner feat. Wahl Magic Clip® Electro Pop
  • Style Standards Garland Fox feat. Wahl Legend® Jazz
  • El Cabello Fernando Ibánez feat. Wahl Super Taper® Latin
  • Fine Tune Nieves feat. Detailer® Li Alt Hip-Hop
  • Fur Sure Arisa Thomas feat. KM10® Easy Pop
  • Mashup Track

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