White hair: the top trend of 2022

Usually associated with a certain age, white hair has recently become a status symbol synonymous with being cool. White hair has become a trend that women of all ages are craving.

With the right cuts, white hair is now making an all-new impression. Although a few years ago they were considered an obvious sign of inevitable aging.

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Today this is no longer true. This is partially due to coloring that is capable of lending hair that is naturally white a cutting edge of modernity and sophisticated elegance. Or to give youthful hair the right lightness… which is really popular with females of all ages.

White pixies

Naturally lacking in melanin and pigmentation, or very young but colored, white hair reaches its utmost splendor in shorter lengths with the pixie cut, which is very trendy this year.

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One of the most stylish fans of natural white in a pixie cut is definitely Princess Charlene of Monaco, who loves a metallic sort of color with dark roots to create a vivid contrast.

Emma Thompson opts for white hair

Tired of the usual brunette, which in any case is always simple and elegant, the British actress has chosen to flaunt now natural hair color, with a super-short pixie cut and a slightly orange quiff.

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What do you prefer? We like both versions, but the one in white is the proof that denies the clichè: white hair does not always make someone look older, but just the opposite…

White Hair Pride: Jamie Lee Curtis’s signature look

Always one of the most courageous stars, Jamie Lee Curtis prefers not to color her hair, unless it’s white. And her haircut has become an iconic look that many try to imitate. We can’t deny that she has an original look all her own!

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She is known for not adapting to Hollywood standards, and this photo demonstrate it, the American actress was one fo the first to proudly flaunt – and with a certain “alternative” elegance – white hair.

Lady Gaga opts for sleek whiteness

Not only the pixie cut. Lady Gaga prefers her hair long and sleek, super-smooth like in this shot with her turquoise band, very cool.

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Helen Mirren: a class act with white hair

At nearly 77 years of age, going white must be considered a natural condition, yet Helen Mirren loves her white hair so much that she loves coloring it… white!

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To make everything even more youthful, a mid-length bob with a quiff that serves as a layered fringe. What else can we say. An example of rare elegance, a queen of international cinema that sports her age with style and confidence.

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