Why is epres™ different to other bond-builders?

epres™ is the new bond-builder taking the haircare world by storm – it is bond-building 2.0 technology that delivers visible deep lasting repair from chemical, thermal and mechanical damage, from the very first use. 

So, what really sets epres™ apart from other bond-builders? 

epres™ is the only bond-building treatment which is completely acid-free! The one step, acid-free formula allows you to use epres™ Professional Bond Repair alongside any other treatments or colour applications, without affecting your results.

Wondering how epres™ stacks up against other leading bond-builders? We’ve done the leg work! 

Leading Bond-Builder epres™ USP
Olaplex N°0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment “Use as the first step in a two-part at-home system”1 One product, one step
Living Proof Triple Bond Complex “Heat must be used to activate the covalent bond repair”2  Heat is not necessary to activate all ingredients in the product
K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask Includes “Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein”3 Completely protein free
Bumble & Bumble Repair Treatment Contains over 45+ ingredients Contains 4 ingredients
All of the above Does not continue to repair after the hair is dry Biodiffusion™ technology continues to repair hair even after it is dry
All of the above Contains acid Acid-free
All of the above Contains parfum / fragrance Parfum and fragrance free

epres patented molecular technology repairs disulphide bonds, which form the internal structure of healthy hair. No matter your hair type or texture, when you straighten, relax, perm, blow dry, bleach or colour it, expose it to environmental conditions, or simply just brush it, millions of these bonds are damaged. 

Rebuilding these bonds with epres™ technology leads to softer, stronger hair with less breakage and frizz.

Available exclusively from sweetsquared.com | @epresbeautyuk

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