Wigs on a Dime Collection by Craig Chapman

Wigs on a Dime collection demonstrates just how versatile any wig can be when it comes to creative hair work. Every one of the wigs used have had at least three or four previous lives.

Craig Chapman‘s Wigs on a Dime collection demonstrates there are so many ways and alternative routes you can take to change up and experiment with looks using wigs. Just one wig can give you so many different styles – from cutting to colouring, adding root shadow for texture and toners, the reinvention of wigs can occur time and time again. Never shy away from the ability to play with your look!

People often think high quality wigs and hairpieces are an expensive option, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Good quality wigs have never been more accessible. Cheaper online options are of course available, but you don’t have to buy new to try out a wig. Speak to your industry friends – you’ll be amazed at just how many pre-loved wigs are available for you to try if you simply ask. We live in a world of sustainability, re-use and recycle – so don’t be afraid to get creative and re-use wigs.

Hair: Craig Chapman, Photography: Christopher Jeney, Art Direction & Styling: Clementine O’Hara, Make-up: Elizabeth Rita.

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