Winter Hair Hacks by Joana Neves at Alterna

As we are now in the depths of winter, we will be noticing changes to our client’s hair and scalps – a reality of the constant temperature changes, colder weather, and harsher elements which we all encounter daily. When it’s so forbidding outside, everybody needs some Winter Hair Hacks – here are a few from Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna Europe.

“Like the skin, the hair and scalp should be carefully cared for, as this, is much more fragile and requires continuous maintenance to keep it healthy, strong, and looking fabulous always,” explains Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna Europe. “Maintaining a nourishing home care routine, visiting the salon regularly and avoiding styles which may cause excess damage to the hair are just a few Winter Hair Hacks which we can discuss with our clients to keep their hair in check – after all, we are the professionals and we must educate and work with them to achieve the best results possible.

“Having worked in the industry for many years, both in the salon, on shows, seminars and as an educator, I have picked up many tips and tricks to keeping hair at its best throughout every season and I am delighted to share with you my winter hair hacks – all of which are recommended to all my clients too.”

Hack 1 – Avoid heat and over styling; it is time to get creative!

We are extremely fortunate that many of our clients are continuing to work from home for the next few months whilst following government guidelines and this is a great chance for our clients to experiment with their styles and embrace their own creativity. Encourage clients to embrace their hairs natural texture and patterns – waves are so on trend and natural waves are even more beautiful. As well as this, braids are a huge trend too and are an uncomplicated way to dress up the hair in such a quick time. Once braids are taken out, they also provide beautiful waves resulting in two styles from one main look!

Hack 2 – Avoid Over-washing

Again, using the time at home whilst they can, encourage clients to train their hair and avoid over washing where possible. To prolong hair, the use of a dry shampoo such as My Hair. My Canvas. Another Day Dry Shampoo. This absorbs excess oil which causes the ‘oily or greasy’ effect on the hair and leaves it looking fresh, whilst adding the most incredible volume throughout the hair. Not only does this help the hair, the less washing results in less colour fade and of course saves on the shampoo and conditioner – it is an all-round winner.

Hack 3 – Alternate between styles

Many clients think they leaving hair down and to dry naturally is exceptionally good for the hair, but in the winter this is often not the case. Not drying the hair and leaving it to dry naturally in colder temperatures results in the hair shafts expanding, which results in more breakage. Drying the hair as normal is fine, whilst using a heat protection spray which acts as a barrier against the heat. Alternating between top knots, half up and half down styles and braids will allow you to reduce any drastic effects on the hair. Constantly styling in a ponytail will result in breakage at the pressure point where the hair band sits, therefore changing pressure points and alternating styles is great for the hair.

Hack 4 – Cleanse and Condition

Working with your client to establishing a bespoke at home haircare routine will help them achieve their hair goals and keep the hair in prime condition. As much as washing the hair rids of toxins, it is essential that hair is also cleansed, to ensure all dirt and product build up is removed and that hair is fresh and clean. The My Hair. My Canvas. New Beginnings Exfoliating Cleanser is a fantastic product that gently cleanses the hair and leaves it completely revitalised. I would then suggest using a hair masque such as My Hair. My Canvas Cool Hydrations Nourishing Masque to inject key nutrients back into the follicles. Leaving this on overnight will maximise the effects and leave hair in the most incredible condition.

Hack 5 – Avoid Hat Hair!

Covering hair does, of course, protect hair from natures elements, which as we know can be extremely harsh during the winter months however hats can be damaging too when the hair is not cared for underneath. The friction caused from the fibres of the hat, which rub against the hair can result in damaged brittle hair. To prevent this from happening, prepping the hair with a leave in conditioner will avoid this disastrous friction and provide protection at all times. The My Hair. My Canvas. Jelly Fix Repair Booster can be applied to the hair and repairs any breakages whilst acting as a barrier against future damage. The product also features botanical caviar which helps manage the hair, prevent  against pollution whilst adding smoothness and shine.

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