Winter Hair Tips: Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd at JOICO

“Winter is almost here and clients prepare for the new season. We as stylists should ensure they understand how to maintain hair health and look after their look during the harsh reality of the UK winter weather. Here are my Winter Hair Tips.” Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, JOICO European Design Team Member.

Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, JOICO European Design Team Member.

“Just like the skin, the hair is extremely fragile. It is vulnerable to natural elements, excess heat and lack of vitamins. Ensuring clients have the most professional products to keep hair looking and feeling fabulous at all times. Below are my favourite winter hair tips. I share these with all my clients, to help protect their hair during the cold months…” Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, JOICO European Design Team Member.

 “Avoid Over Washing the Hair – this can strip natural oils and dry the hair out. This is such a simple yet important factor when looking to maintain hair health. Washing hair too often can strip the hair of the natural oils and result in quick colour fade. I recommend washing hair twice per week to ensure it is clean, healthy and the best it can be. With both the hair and the skin, it’s also important not to have the water too hot. This is to avoid stripping hair of its natural oils and hair going brittle. 

Use Oils and Serums Throughout – the winter months can lead to drying out of the skin and scalp, dandruff, and irritation. Always recommend using an oil or serum to give the hair added moisture and nourishment. 

Condition – a lot of women and men do not use a conditioner and simply shampoo their hair. During the winter months in particular a conditioner is a must, as well as a weekly hair treatment. These will keep the hair in its best condition and will avoid further damage and split ends. They will also keep it feeling healthy, smooth and providing that much loved salon shine. 

Hair Masks  a deep conditioning treatment/mask should be used a couple of times a week to keep hair as conditioned as possible. A conditioning treatment not only refrains hair from going damaged and breaking, but also keeps hair looking and feeling soft and shiny and colour long-lasting too. For those with frizzy, flyaway hair, these treatments will keep this at bay whilst deeply nourishing your hair.  During the winter months, JOICO Defy Damage Protection Masque is my got to product, and I recommend this to everyone. Not only does it nourish the hair, it also strengthens and repairs whilst ensuring colour longevity.

Regular Trims – regular trims are key to keeping hair looking and feeling its best during the winter months. Always try to ensure you book clients in for regular hair cut appointments to keep hair healthy and free of split and damaged ends.

Avoid Heat Styling – As hair is already fragile in the winter months, it’s best to recommend that clients reduce using heated styling tools as much as possible and instead, experiment with styles that do not require the use of heat. Buns and ponytails are incredibly on trend at the minute, as well as braids, which can also be worn at night and taken out in the morning and brushed through to create soft waves without the use of heated styling tools.  I would recommend using the JOICO K-Pak Color Therapy Lusterlock  Multi Perfector Daily Shine and Protect. This product is absolutely fantastic, protects the hair and creates a protection barrier and also prevents the colour from fading due to heat damage.”

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