Winter Wellness Tips: Joana Neves at Alterna

The ever-changing seasons are never far from our thoughts, and with autumn underway, our attention now turns to the winter months, so here are some valuable Winter Wellness Tips from Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna.

As the temperature drops, the conditions become harsher and the hair is open to damage more than ever, so winter wellness tips for you and your clients’ hair are valuable information. Although famed for the festive celebrations, this season is one that can damage hair quite significantly.

Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna

“The winter months are just as harsh on the hair as they are on the skin. It is important for clients to understand how to care and protect for their hair; to ensure it stays healthy and free from damage as much as possible,” explains Joana Neves, Editorial Director at Alterna. “By taking steps to protect the hair will not only maintain the condition, it will prevent colour fade and keep the cut of the hair strong and defined.

“As professionals, there are many ways in which we can work with our clients and their hair; educating them in how to keep hair looking and feeling fantastic at every opportunity. This is true no matter the weather and conditions that they encounter. There is a variety of ways for the client to protect their hair. Here are some of my top tips for helping hair through the winter months.”

Drink Plenty Water

Just like our skin, the hair needs to remain hydrated at all times and it’s important to educate clients, so they are aware of the benefits of doing so. Added hydration lifts the hair, prevents split ends and keeps hair shiny and full of life.

Hydrating/Moisturising Masque

Something so simple that will benefit the hair hugely. A hydrating hair masque is something I would recommend that clients use once per week in the depths of winter. Not only does the masque provide key nutrients and much need hydration to the hair, it reduces breakage, frizz and static – improving the overall look. Depending on the condition of the client’s hair I often advise leaving this on overnight for maximum effect. Applying to hair once washed and allowing this to soak in overnight is a great way to see results. Hair can also be wrapped over night to intensify the heat. The ALTERNA My Hair. My Canvas. Cool Hydration Masque is the must have product for winter 2021.

Reduce Heat Use – where possible

Many clients have so much loyalty and love for their styling tools, more so their hairdryers, straighteners and tongs – it’s no secret that they are fantastic, however they can result in hair drying out and damage to the follicles when not used correctly. If a client is unable to reduce heat usage, ensuring they use a heat protection spray is a must. This acts as a barrier between the follicle and the heated plates, offering much need protection.

For those clients who can cope with a little reduction in heat usage, why not show them some simple styling techniques and looks that they can recreate and do at home. This is a great way to help them between appointments whilst being a little more creative!

Exfoliate and Condition

Yes, exfoliate and condition your hair, just like your skin. Hair is always exposed, no matter where you are or how you style it, therefore it is essential that you exfoliate this to rid of any build up and leave the hair feeling simply clean. ALTERNA recently launched the My Hair. My Canvas.  Beginning Exfoliator Cleanser which is an amazing product. The product is very mild and removes any impurities and build-up from the hair without stripping the colour. Using this along with a hydration conditioner will leave hair feeling exceptionally clean and so fresh.

Alternate Styles

Clients often get into the habit of wearing their hair in in the same or similar style, and this can often lead to hair being over exposed. Try to educate the client into trying new styles or new ways of styling their hair between appointments, to mix things up a little and to reduce over exposure. Introducing a hair up, mid length look or a braid is a great way to introduce change whilst protecting the hair.

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