yuv® appoints Samantha Cusick as first UK Colour Ambassador

Beauty tech company yuv® is excited to announce the appointment of Samantha Cusick as its first UK colour ambassador. Samantha, a respected colour expert and owner of two salons in London; with a third location opening this year, will work with yuv® to promote the brand’s innovative and sustainable approach to professional hair colouring.


As the first colour ambassador for yuv®, Samantha will be responsible for sharing her expertise and insights on the latest trends and techniques in hair colouring. She will also collaborate with the yuv® team to develop new shades and formulations that meet the needs of modern salons and freelancers.


Samantha, who has built a reputation for her creative and beautiful approach to hair; known for her trademark balayage techniques and specialist colour knowledge, is a perfect fit for yuv®. The beauty tech company is committed to sustainability and innovation, and its new smart lab system for professional hair colouring is set to revolutionise the industry.


Opening her Notting Hill salon in 2016, aged 28, she has spent the last seven years honing her skills in business, leadership and team building. Client demand resulted in a second salon, in Fitzrovia, and she is about to open a 3500 sq ft co-working space in the capital. Refusing to stand still, she is a dynamic female force that refuses to compromise her vision or values.


“I’m thrilled to be working with yuv® and to be part of the brand’s mission to transform the hair colour industry,” said Samantha. “The yuv® Lab is a game-changing innovation that offers a more sustainable and efficient approach to professional hair colouring, and I can’t wait to share my experiences and insights with the yuv® community.”


As part of her role as yuv®’s colour ambassador, Samantha will also participate in events and education programs designed to help stylists and salon owners stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. She will feature in brand marketing campaigns and on social media channels, providing inspiration and guidance to the brand’s growing community of professional stylists and colourists.


“We are thrilled to have Samantha on board as our first colour ambassador,” said Francisco Gimenez, CEO and founder of yuv®. “Her passion for creativity and sustainability is a perfect match for yuv®, and we look forward to working with her to develop new shades and formulations that meet the needs of today’s stylists and clients.”


For more information about yuv® and its smart lab system for professional hair colouring, visit the company’s website at yuv.co



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