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Camila Cabello is a very talented American-Cuban singer and song writer. She has been a part of the industry for quite some time, and now she continually creates songs that become major hits. She is also an actress, a great achievement for a 23-year-old. With that in mind, the important thing to consider is the fact that she has curly hair. For a lot of people, this would be a nightmare to achieve. However, for her this is a great way to mimic her personality. And yes, you will mostly find them with her great curls and a variety of different hair styles.

What hair treatment is Camila Cabello using?

When you want to have your hair like a celebrity, you always want to find treatments and other stuff that they are doing. And in the case of Camila Cabello, things are actually very simple.  She got an old school hair treatment named the perm. In her case the perm worked so well that a lot of people actually believe she is naturally curly. The permed texture is very beautiful and that made the hair routine effortless for her.

Getting her Rapunzel hair style

Camila Cabello is known for the fact that she constantly comes up with some new hair styles to use. And one of the most popular hair styles in her case is definitely the Rapunzel Hair. She used it on red carpets and during the award season.

Getting that hair style is actually quite simple, the first thing you want to do is to wash your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner and use a multi protection primer.

Now that everything is done, you will have to start braiding your hair. In her case, she started the French braiding on the side of her hair, kept her bangs and a few framing pieces in the front. All the braids were connected at the neck nape and then all was added into a long braid which is side-swept.

While getting the full Camila Cabello hair can be tricky, it’s definitely the type of thing that you will enjoy. It shows how creative this celebrity really is. And while she has numerous hair styles to choose from, the Rapunzel one is iconic for her because she does use it a lot. You can see why, it looks amazing on her and it can also be great for you!

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