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Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance

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Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance has been barbering/hairdressing for now more than 24yrs. Every day that goes by she says she loves it even more.

It is my passion and I have missed being away from the chair during the COVID-19 pandemic and I can’t wait to get back to it!


The amazing Lucy Quance originally started her career off in hairdressing. Then later shemade the transition over to barbering and has since never looked back.

Whilst running RQ’s Barbershop, Lucy is one of the UK’s Finest Barbers based in Bristol. Whilst it’s a big city with lots of competition, Lucy has built her success on supporting her clients with more than just a hair cut.

I believe that what we as barbers get to do on a daily basis is amazing. We get to make people feel good about themselves and let them talk about their highs and lows without judgement. I feel honestly honored that my gents choose me to chat to. Since I took the Barber Lions barber talk, an online course for barbers in mental health, I feel more equipped for any of my gents that might be struggling.

Having a younger brother who has special needs, Lucy is also proud to be experienced in lending a hand to other local families who might find it difficult taking their children to a busy barbershop.

I love that within my barbering I get to use my skills. To be able to help with children that have special needs and help build their confidence and watch them grow. It’s my way of giving back after all the help my brother has had. It makes me feel very proud.

What it means

Known as one of the UK’s Finest Barbers and one of the Hairbond Educators, Lucy has demonstrated unique entrepreneurship with an ability to skillfully cut and style hair to the highest level, as well as being there talk to, advise and socially invest in her community including those who know her from the professional barbering industry.

Having my own barbershop is truly my dream come true, it’s only little, but it’s mine and I have made my family and my other half proud and that’s all I ever wanted to do ? I love learning new things and get to as many Barber conventions that I can. They always get me even more excited about being part of this awesome industry. I love that I have found Hairbond hair styling products, it took many years to find a product that I truly believed in, it just does what it says it does and I trust it and actually like every single product on the range which is very hard to find.

Award Winner – Lucy Quance

With some more recent good news, RQ’s Barbershop picked up the Best Barber Shop 2020 – Bristol award, so if you find yourself in Bristol in search of one of Britain’s finest barbers, visit Lucy’s 5 star rated barbershop at

RQ’s Barbershop

152 Church Road,




hairbond gripper pomade barbershop

Have you got what it takes to become a Finest Barber?

Running your own barbering business is not an easy job. You have made it to where you are today for mainly two reasons, one, because your passionate about barbering and two, you have made some good decisions about how you intend to make a fruitful living through operating a successful barbering business.

After the huge wave of interest in becoming a barber formed a couple of years ago, barbering is still a career choice which is on-trend, which means the barbering market is as competitive as ever as there are more people joining the industry than there are barbers retiring.

So how do you combat the competition?

Finest Barbers says keep ahead of your game and always opt for the finest products and the most profitable decisions.

But what if you were faced with making a decision between two options and the profit figure works out to be the same. Which would you choose? Check out the £1 test below.



The One Pound Finest Barbers Test determines what your barbering mind set is, what you think is better, between two different ways of generating one English pound. There’s no wrong answer so have fun discussing this with your fellow barbers.

A) Sell a £1.50 low quality hair styling product to your client, which cost you £0.50 (£1 profit)
B) Sell a £21 premium hair styling product to your client for £9.33 which cost you £8.33 (£1 profit)


Most people who answer Option A might say something along the lines of:

“Well it’s easier to sell more and at a faster rate because you’re not asking for a lot of money for the product. It’s only £1.50 to the customer. I think I would sell millions, it doesn’t matter if it’s not that great in quality. We only charge £5 for a 20 minute haircut and we are so busy and we’re that successful we have to work 8am-10pm every day to keep up”


But most people who answer with Option B might respond with:

“Wow, how good is it that I could make a pound profit by saving somebody £12.67 off the normal price! That’s unbelievable value. I think I could sell millions if I offer this value to my customers. I always say buy cheap buy twice. My business is about offering the best quality, our haircuts are NOT cheap, we take pride in our quality of work. We want to be valued and stand out for the quality and expertise we offer our clients, and as being the finer choice within the market, not the cheapest.


If you opted option “B” Finest Barbers would like to work with you.

Your business brain sees the value in the Finest Barbers “Only The Finest” model.

Finest Barbers says look at the benefits of monetizing PREMIUM hair styling products as an extra revenue stream.

Finest Barbers only stock Hairbond UK hair styling products, you gather they’re the finest but here’s some of the main reasons why:

hairbond educator hair styling

10 years of marketing

Over the last decade the Hairbond United Kingdom hair styling brand has taken the world of hair styling by storm. Starting off with just two products, the brand went global within a very quick first 12 months through some of the hands of the worlds best known celebrities and sports stars.

Since going to market all that time ago, the brand has developed rapidly ramping up their niche male grooming offerings, and now cater for more hair types, hair styles, as well as other essential male categories including beard, hair, body and skin care.

Great margins

Trading for a more profitable business, most barbers will find they are working on 30-40% margin selling retail products. Which works out that you have a cost of £12-14 when selling a £20 product. But at Finest Barbers you are able to work on bigger margins (50-60%) so that you can at least double up if want to match the products suggested retail prices, so it would cost you £8-10 for a £20 product.finest barbers hairbond mattifier

Professional Only Quality products

A whole range designed and backed by barber and business man professional Scott Michaels, targeting quality salon professional finishes for specific hair types. Whether its a dry matte finish you require or something a bit slicker, with every Hairbond product you find that a little goes a very long way, and all products have popular fruity or sweet fragrances.

Stand Out Premium Packaging

You will not find this stuff in a cheap shoe polish tin or on the high street/supermarkets for that matter. Excellent professional products all have excellent packaging. Hairbond currently is manufactured in two sizes, 50ml retail size (SRP £14) which is a lower price point covering demographics with a little less to budget and a 100ml salon/value size (SRP £21) where those who have the budget can get better value. Whilst they are actually made out of an acrylic plastic material, Hairbond products have a unique glass jar like appearance. They are uniquely branded, printed and under the lid is a secondary seal to keep the product fresh at all times. The products have been tested to last at least 12 months after the products seal has been lifted for the first time. These also look great on the bathroom/bedroom shelf.

Water Soluble

Hairbond’s range easily washes out and breaks down in water. For more thorough hair washing Hairbond also manufacture a range of shower and shaving products.

Made in the UK

With products being made in the UK, this is great for a number of reasons. Whilst many other international hair styling brands’ products are sourced from overseas and from third world countries, manufacturing in the UK means Hairbond fully supports the UK economy. Whilst other brands have had nightmares in production over the years, Hairbond is also known for their consistency in quality control.

Paraben and Sulphate free and against Animal Testing

You won’t find any nasty chemicals in Hairbond products and they do not test on animals.



UK Barbers remain closed while European salons are selling more Hairbond than ever – just in time for Fathers Day

Father's Day Gift | Gift Ideas For Fathers Day | Special Tips For ...

Whilst UK Goverment guidelines still state that barbershops will not open until after 4th July, other European barbershops are legitimately back open for business and have been looking for premium barbershop retail opportunities in order to supply their customers with quality gift solutions leading up towards Fathers Day. (21 June 2020)

If you agree that high end male grooming products can make a great gift idea for Fathers Day then you’re in the right place. At Finest Barbers we supply the world’s finest barbershops with what we know are the finest award winning Fathers Day – male grooming gift products.

hairbond finest barbers fathers day

Our job is to make sure our partnered International barbers can easily purchase the amazing Hairbond United Kingdom products at wholesale prices and whilst UK barber shops are getting ready to reopen, UK barbershop retail has just started to pick up again but across the other globe salons and barbershops are busier in what must feel like forever.

It’s a fact that most special days of the year, Christmas and Birthdays would not be the same without the existence of Hairbond United Kingdom products. Our Hairbond Educators and Finest Barbers retail partners bring in huge amounts of extra revenue each year around these important traditional celebratory dates by simply offering gift idea solutions and free hair styling advice.

If you’re a barber and is interested in working with Finest Barbers get in touch today.




Made in Chelsea star Digby Edgley reveals Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement

Digby Edgley Finest Barbers Made in Chelsea Hairbond Mattifier

With a hardcore following of over 100K, frequently on TV as well as a professional model, you can imagine how many times the Made in Chelsea television star Digby Edgley is asked questions about his long hair styles.

Today Digby finally addressed the frequent questions and took to his Instagram page in order to show his followers and super fans how he styles his hair and WHAM! There it was! The Finest Barbers favourite, Mattifier Professional Hair Cement which is made by Hairbond United Kingdom.

The Hairbond Mattifier is one of our favourite products as it is 5/5 in hold strength, yet has a re-workable matte look formulation and texture, and the fragrance is just something else. Think cherry drops..

Watch the video below to see Digby style his hair:

From Queer as Folk, to Coronation Street to his latest movie Trick or Treat, Craig Kelly models with Hairbond

craig kelly trick or treat finest barbers


Today Craig Kelly is a well known English actor and voice-over artist. Until now Craig is best known for his roles as Vince Tyler in the Channel 4 television series Queer as Folk and as Luke Strong in Coronation Street.

But back in 2018, Craig produced his first feature film ‘Trick or Treat’ with Geraint Anderson, in which he starred in as the leading role, along with his brother Dean and a terrific cast of very well known British actors, including Jason Flemyng, Kris Marshall, Frances Barber, Hugo Speer and Jamie Sives.

The film is set on the night of Halloween in Blackpool [which is just a couple of miles away from St Annes on Sea where both Craig and Dean were born] In the film, Craig stars as Greg Kielty. Greg’s life is turned upside down when his estranged brother Dan turns up, claiming to have drunkenly run someone over. But has Dan just murdered a gangster’s son? Or maybe there’s an even more sinister explanation.

Make sure you add this to your watch list.

Craig Kelly go to Hairbond products are: