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Finest Barber Sam J McKeogh – Dapper Shams

Dapper Shams ft owner Sam J McKeogh Hairbond United Kingdom educate ambassador

The creator, founder of Dapper Shams, Samantha J McKeogh is one of Ireland’s top professional barbers and has over 25 years of wealthy experience in the barbering game.

As one of the most visited barbers in Ireland, Sam has been recognised as one of the world’s Finest Barbers as well as a Hairbond Educate Ambassador.

Proud owner of Dapper Shams, the busy barbershop located in Mullingar, Ireland, Sam has developed a long list of barbering skills throughout her career.

As there have been changes in hair trends, Sam has achieved the highest levels in expertise, not just in cutting hair but also in professional hair styling.

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With extensive knowledge in professional hair styling products, Sam has been awarded Ambassador status for the award-winning, professional haircare manufacturer Hairbond which she consults customers with and stocks behind the Dapper Shams counter.

Hairbond is a brand which has dominated the world of premium hairstyles for a decade and they are known for not stopping at any expense when creating only the highest performance product formulas. All products are water soluble, paraben and sulphate free, have different textures, hold strengths and some of the nicest fragrances you’ll find in a hair product. These products are not tested on animals.

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With a product manufactured with particular hair types in mind, Hairbond’s range has something for everybody. As a Hairbond Educate Ambassador, Sam has the ability to recommend the best products for her clients particular haircut, hair type to achieve the desired finished hairstyle.

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To book an appointment with Sam, book via the Dapper Shams website, call or pop in to arrange.

Dapper Shams

+353 85 866 8305  

1 Pearse St,



Co. Westmeath.


Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Brownes Barbers

Finest barber and Hairbond Educator Jay Browne has been apart of the barbering industry since he was just 14 years old. Back in 2015, Brownes Barbers in Liverpool, UK opened its doors for the first time.

Jay’s dad, Graham taught him everything there was to becoming a top barber, handing down years of experience and prepared him with the skills to be the best at his trade.

Within the first 12 months, the business really took off. Jay’s priority was to expand, making the shop and business bigger and better, whilst recruiting some of the best barbers from the Liverpool area.

Whilst developing his business, Jay told me how has been overwhelmed with the support from his customers and says he is lucky that the best part of the job is making friends.

The downside of the job being that he can’t spend as much time with the family as he would like as he has a very hands on approach to running all aspects of Brownes Barbers.

As a Hairbond Educator and Finest Barber, we wanted to know what Jay’s favourite products to use and sell were.

“My personal favourites are the Moulder and Distorter. The Shaper and Gripper are great also but I find my clients prefer the dry, matte finishes of the Moulder, Distorter and Texturiser Sea Salt Spray”

So if you find yourself in the Orrell Park area of Liverpool in need of a top haircut experience, you can locate Brownes Barbers close to the railway station.

Meet Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Sarah Farquar

hairbond educator finest barber sarah farquar

Welcome to Finest Barbers, I would like you all to meet Sarah Farquar AKA @Lady_Von_Barber!

Sarah Farquar is a Hairbond Educator and Finest Barber based out of NOVA Hair and Beauty in Bodmin, which is somewhere off the road between Plymouth and Newquay in the South West of England!

As a Finest Barber I asked Sarah if she wanted to tell us a bit about herself. I was going to format it like a Q&A but the Sarah Farquar story was such a good read I just left it as it was. Enjoy!

What’s your story Sarah Farquar AKA Lady_Von_Barber ?

“Well I first went into hairdressing at 25 years old (ten years ago now ?? I’m getting old) – and I was asked to train immediately after qualifying as a student teacher (because obviously I’m the business ?) but the funding fell through and I was like the last bird out of the nest – there were no salon positions left and I was left wondering what I was going to do.

Eventually I got approached by another student teacher who was opening up his own barbers – never, ever had I considered barbering – I just wanted to be a hairdresser but wanted to get my foot in the door. On reflection, it was awful ? it was a rock, gothic, emo themed place where the same style music was played all day and my ‘uniform’ was a corset.

I made zero money because he took pretty much every client that walked in but I whacked every cut up on Instagram and after about 6 months I got approached by one the top barbers in Gloucester! Got through a trade test and said my goodbyes. To be fair, he taught me how to do a Traditional Shave and I still use his routine today – just can’t get past having to wear a bloody corset to work ?

Then I worked at The Mensgroom for just over two years and it was great there – I made some pals for life and really became a proper Barber there. Got my Advanced Barbering Qualifications and made it through to the Mens Loreal Colour Trophy Semis with my bro for life, Ben. This is also where I fell in love with Hairbond United Kingdom products ✌️✌️

Everyone called me Steve there – so much so that some of my clients thought that was actually my name ?
I loved my clients and without sounding really smooshy my clients are what inspired me (and continue to) to keep going on those busy AF days when you can’t be arsed anymore because you realise that that time in the Barber seat is SO important to guys. Not just to make them look good but to make them feel good too.

I watched a client go through a harrowing year and a half with a brain tumour and he eventually died – he was so grateful to be in that chair though, even when he hardly had any hair left. I treated him exactly the same, gave him the same time, shampooed him, let him pour his heart out, rant about shitty chemo, laugh about stupid stuff and big him up. He’d come in flat and leave bright and I realised then it’s more than a cut. I think about him a lot when Im pissed off with barbering and it boosts me back up again.

Another client lost his wife really, really suddenly. He’d always been quite quiet but really friendly. The first day he came back in after we’d heard his wife died he burst into tears as soon as he walked in the door. I sat with him, let him pour his heart out, get his tears out, held his hand. Every appointment after that you’d do what you could do make sure he was good, he’d never cooked before so I recommended some books and lessons which he did, just did what I could on top of the cut to help him feel better. I’m making myself sound like Mother Teresa – I’m not ? just feel honoured that these guys let me into their life really. I know it’s tricky for some chaps to ask for help or be vulnerable so I really am honoured. Anyway – mushy stuff over ?

I moved to Cornwall in 2017 with my Cornish BF (now husband) who is also Steve and my beautiful boy Scout who’s 14 – who’s raised £500 and donated his hair to Princess Charity in 2018 and shaved it all off for MIND in Lockdown and raised £225 – he’s now growing it to donate AGAIN.
Kids a little legend.

Cornwall is special because you get such a huge variety of clients. Massive characters. As a Barber it’s pretty competitive – like ‘I’m the only Barber in this village’ competitive and a lot different from life as a city barber before but still very rewarding.

The only thing I really hate about barbering is the hair ? hair in my shoes, hair in my bra, hair in my coffee, hair in my teeth once – yes in my bloody teeth. Hair splinters everywhere. Looking like I’ve got an actual beard and moustache because I’ve got hair stuck to my face ?

My worst moment as a Barber was cutting my knuckle open with a cut throat razor. Cut down to the bone – had to have stitches, tetanus shot, lost all the feeling in my hand so had to see plastic surgeons. All that and I’ve got a really boring scar when I wanted to look like a gnarly pirate ??.

Anyway, back to Hairbond, I’m so happy to be a Hairbond Educator, I fell in love with Hairbond Shaper first – incredible versatile, incredible smelling, clients love it. It was only on moving to Cornwall I realised there was a whole range! My fave is probably still Shaper for its versatility but I’m very taken by the Gripper Pomade. Never really been a pomade type of girl but it smells like cola cubes and is banging on longer styles to create movement and texture.

In my spare time, Sarah Farquar is a very enthusiastic cocktail drinker, eater of fine foods, listener of Craig Charles Funk and Soul, Mother of Children, aspiring writer, hypochondriac, keen DIYer, stone cold fox and failing Instagrammer.
I’m a Liverpool fan by proxy (husband) – I like this because it means I could have mid week Tattinger when they won the league ?

Hopefully one day I might get to teach Barbering and inspire other aspiring barbers to get mad barber skills and be good to their clients (and to also become a Finest Barber) and then one day I might be remembered for writing something worth reading but ultimately hope I’m just remembered for being a good friend and a top Ma to Scout and teaching him important things about David Bowie and Russell Howard, how to make a good Margarita and a Yellow Curry from scratch and how to be kind so he can teach his kids the same.”

Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance

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Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance has been barbering/hairdressing for now more than 24yrs. Every day that goes by she says she loves it even more.

It is my passion and I have missed being away from the chair during the COVID-19 pandemic and I can’t wait to get back to it!


The amazing Lucy Quance originally started her career off in hairdressing. Then later shemade the transition over to barbering and has since never looked back.

Whilst running RQ’s Barbershop, Lucy is one of the UK’s Finest Barbers based in Bristol. Whilst it’s a big city with lots of competition, Lucy has built her success on supporting her clients with more than just a hair cut.

I believe that what we as barbers get to do on a daily basis is amazing. We get to make people feel good about themselves and let them talk about their highs and lows without judgement. I feel honestly honored that my gents choose me to chat to. Since I took the Barber Lions barber talk, an online course for barbers in mental health, I feel more equipped for any of my gents that might be struggling.

Having a younger brother who has special needs, Lucy is also proud to be experienced in lending a hand to other local families who might find it difficult taking their children to a busy barbershop.

I love that within my barbering I get to use my skills. To be able to help with children that have special needs and help build their confidence and watch them grow. It’s my way of giving back after all the help my brother has had. It makes me feel very proud.

What it means

Known as one of the UK’s Finest Barbers and one of the Hairbond Educators, Lucy has demonstrated unique entrepreneurship with an ability to skillfully cut and style hair to the highest level, as well as being there talk to, advise and socially invest in her community including those who know her from the professional barbering industry.

Having my own barbershop is truly my dream come true, it’s only little, but it’s mine and I have made my family and my other half proud and that’s all I ever wanted to do ? I love learning new things and get to as many Barber conventions that I can. They always get me even more excited about being part of this awesome industry. I love that I have found Hairbond hair styling products, it took many years to find a product that I truly believed in, it just does what it says it does and I trust it and actually like every single product on the range which is very hard to find.

Award Winner – Lucy Quance

With some more recent good news, RQ’s Barbershop picked up the Best Barber Shop 2020 – Bristol award, so if you find yourself in Bristol in search of one of Britain’s finest barbers, visit Lucy’s 5 star rated barbershop at

RQ’s Barbershop

152 Church Road,



Finest Barbers – Adam Isbill

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Adam Isbill is one of the UK’s finest barbers, started his professional career off back in 2014 as a keen 18-year-old where he set out to learn all the fundamental barbering skills in a traditional barbershop.

It was in this setting he developed a true passion and real love for barbering and over the last 6 years he has been pushing himself further into more education, picking up more qualifications, getting involved in industry photoshoots, barbering events and additional barbering courses in order to get where he is today.

finest barbers adam isbill barbering

For the last four years, Adam Isbill has worked alongside the founders of the British Master Barbers group which he says allowed him to meet some of the most successful people in the barbering industry, keeping up to date with the newest hair cutting and styling techniques and teachings of customer care. Adam has now set up his own business and has partnered with Finest Barbers.

“After trying various amounts of different branded hair styling products within the industry I decided to settle with Hairbond United Kingdom and the only place you can get it now at trade pricing is Finest Barbers. Over the years I found that not only was the Hairbond range by far the best natural feeling, long-lasting, top quality product but that it is also displayed and marketed in a premium manner for professionals, and as a new business owner I have found that Finest Barbers are very easy and helpful to deal with, which makes running and managing my new shop so much easier!”

finest barbers adam isbill barbering