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Julie Renders joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents


We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Julie Renders to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents.  Proud to be running the oldest barber shop in Totton, Southampton, Julie is the 4th generation in her family of barbers. Today with an extremely experienced team, Craddocks will make sure you leave feeling fresh, walking away with the look you went in for. Julie’s team have more than an astounding 120 years of professional barbering experience between them and the art of barbering clearly runs through the family veins as Julie’s father, great uncle and grandfather were also masters of the profession.


Julie told us “My dad trained me to be a barber and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else; it’s in my blood . The Barber shop has been in my family since the 1930’s. It’s a traditional Barbers but today with a modern twist. We offer loads of services including hot towel cut throat shaves, ears and nose waxing, short back and sides to skin fades, perms and colours, beard trims as well as first haircuts where we include a certificate and a little bag to put a piece of hair in. Our favourite product to use on our clients is the Hairbond Texturiser sea salt spray”


Due to super levels of customer satisfaction, among Craddocks Traditional Barbers clients are some elder gentlemen, who have been happily visiting regularly since they were little boys. As an extremely popular traditional business with a hugely repeating client base, Julie has never felt the need to advertise as word of mouth has kept them working hard.

Julie explained, “It’s because of my great team of friendly staff, some days we have such a laugh with our clients, it’s a bit like the TV show ‘Desmonds’ for those who can remember… The customers bring us in coffees, donuts, fruit, chocolates and with the local pub being across the road occasionally the odd half pint of Guinness!” So if you’re in the area or just visiting, be sure to check in to see Julie Renders and the team and if you don’t need a haircut, why not try the Guinness in the pub over the road!

James Turnor joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

We are delighted to welcome award winning barber James Turnor to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents. Widely known across the global hair product industry as “James the Barber Turnor”, the talented barber and entrepreneur James Turnor established, The Conservatory Barber Shop in Bristol, UK in 2018. The award winning barber who believes firmly in quality over quantity, when it comes to his hair appointments. James and his team know that taking their time to consult and craft each client’s style achieves the best results and sets exceptionally high standards for the local competition.

Located on trendy North Street in Bristol, the conservatory barber shop can cater for every need by offering appointments for those feeling organized and walk-ins for those who simply don’t have the time to book in.

Whatever the occasion James The Barber Turnor will have you covered as he is proud to state that his services are tailored specifically to each individual customer, taking into account their hair type, head shape and lifestyle.

James has hand picked the best products to use to ensure you’re looking your best when you leave him at The Conservatory. When asked what his best selling product was James told us “That’s easy, the Hairbond Shaper hands down, the butterscotch toffee scented one, it has a strong hold, great texture and my clients keep coming back to me for more.” We were not surprised as we awarded this first place, in our very own Best Strong Hair Wax category. View Here

You can also view James’ award winning haircut portfolio and follow him on Instagram here.

Daniel De Ridder joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Daniel De Ridder to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents.

When you’re in East Netherlands and needing a fresh fade or a tame re-style there’s only two questions to ask; “Is Master Barber Daniel De Ridder working today?” “Where can I find Mens World Herenkappers Barbershop?”

Daniel is the chief talent and owner of the fantastic “Mens World Herenkappers”, one of the most world wide famous barbershop studios in Holland, which you can find in the historic city of Ommen, a city founded in 1248.

Daniel’s experience, charm, artistic vision, business acumen and friendly approach as a top modern day male stylist and business man, is what keeps him ahead of the competition.

Specialized in creative cutting and shaving men, Mens World Herenkappers is the shop for beards and skin fades. The modern style barbershop also has a list of bar beers if you’re thirsty, oh and you don’t need an appointment so just rock up in your own time. Hairbond is purchased by a number of Dutch celebrities including Tim Douwsma

Daniel is also the businessman behind the national imports and distribution for UK global hair styling brand Hairbond United Kingdom in Holland so when he’s not cutting, he is at his distribution quarters taking orders for other Hairbond retailers as well as managing direct online consumer sales from the Hairbond website.

Buy Hairbond in Holland here

Patrick Forster joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Patrick Forster to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

Patrick Forster is one BIG name in hair styling industry. With more than twenty years experience working and managing salons in Newcastle and Dubai, he has trained and specialized in international gentlemen’s hair techniques to become one of the best and most recognizable barbers on the planet and a must see if you’re in Newcastle.

If you’re from out of town, be sure to pop in for a premium service and relaxing experience, pick up the best products and some great Geordie terminology whilst you’re there. Whether it’s a haircut, a cheeky lunchtime beer, a pot of hair wax or a lollypop you seek, Patrick and his team will look after you with a guaranteed friendly smile.

Patrick has built an astounding clientele over the years, full of many international sportsmen and top celebs who travel the country to visit his barber sanctuary on a weekly basis, so if you’re looking for a sharp finish, be quick, as Ant and Dec might just beat you to the chair on your next appointment!

Visit his website:


Mario Parrinello joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Mario Parrinello to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents.  Widely known in the industry as the Godfather of hair, Itailian styler Mario Parrinello is the honorable master barber at The Filton Barbers in Bristol and has been cutting hair now for over 27 years.


Mario Parrinello worked hard and put in the long hours, in fact full decades, building his name and profile all around key parts of Bristol through his exceptional service as a contemporary, modern day Italian barber.  The Filton Barbers dates back through different generations, being a huge part of the Filton community since 1967.


Grand master Mario has modernised the barber shop since his take over back in 2010. Over the past nine years he has continued to grow in popularity as he proudly supports other local businesses, charities, schools and stalls.  Mario is a huge asset to his community, with a mission to giving everybody that walks through his door not only his undivided attention to personal detail, but fundamentally an award winning quality hair cut and professional hair styling product such as Hairbond at a reasonable price.

Visit his website: