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Shag haircut is one of the biggest fashion trends in 2020, a dynamic look that fits on almost any hair type. Selecting the latest trendy hairstyle for yourself may seem a bit confusing, but with the curly hair, you can go for the Troye Sivan hairstyle. Keep scrolling to catch more about how to have the Troye Sivan Hairstyle.  Sivan, a 23-year old songwriter, singer, and vlogger from Australia, is maintaining his tanned appearance with a pleasant character. He is a pretty big deal as his Youtube channel has with more than 4 million subscribers, and his first EP TYRXE reached on the top on iTunes in more than 55 countries. Troye Sivan has always been a sensation with his brunette curly shag cut. Troye Sivan’s trendy hairstyle is a point of interest among his fans, and the best part is that he doesn’t have professionals for his stylish hairstyle. He has never presented himself as a fashion icon, but Troye Sivan haircut is regularly featured in various tabloids and celebrity magazines.  Image result for troye sivan HAIR 2020



How to Get Troye Sivan Hairstyle? 


Getting this hairstyle would be easy for you if you have naturally curly and wavy hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have this style with straight hair.


  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner once in a few days as it can help you maintain this style.
  1. After washing the hair, you need a dense Wonder Primer spray, which will thicken your hair. It will allow the products to absorb for the betterment of your hair and make the hairstyle last longer for the whole day.
  2. After using the spray, ensure to rub this all-around your hair, the sides, the back, front, and the roots.
  3. When your hair’s dry, you need the hair curves. If you don’t have the natural curves, get a curling iron, and create the curves yourself.
  4. Start with the top part by separating your hair and make sure your hair from the top part is longer than the sides and back.
  5. Separate the strands of hair and curl away by ensuring to make a realistic look. Don’t forget to make the curls separate ways by making one or two curls to the left and then the other one to the right for having the natural textured look.
  6. Use the Moulder for giving your hair a dimension with a hold. Rub it over the palms and add it all over your hairs by separating the strands.


This choppy, twisted hairstyle from the ‘ 70s is completely back and better than it has ever been. Usually showcasing a layered top, rough ends, and lots of shine, the multi-layer haircut is the embodiment of minimal-maintenance and rock star glam. Alloy strands coupled with traditional, feathered texture start making for an elegant updo glance, which can work for any hairstyle and length.

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