Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance

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Finest Barber and Hairbond Educator Lucy Quance has been barbering/hairdressing for now more than 24yrs. Every day that goes by she says she loves it even more.

It is my passion and I have missed being away from the chair during the COVID-19 pandemic and I can’t wait to get back to it!


The amazing Lucy Quance originally started her career off in hairdressing. Then later shemade the transition over to barbering and has since never looked back.

Whilst running RQ’s Barbershop, Lucy is one of the UK’s Finest Barbers based in Bristol. Whilst it’s a big city with lots of competition, Lucy has built her success on supporting her clients with more than just a hair cut.

I believe that what we as barbers get to do on a daily basis is amazing. We get to make people feel good about themselves and let them talk about their highs and lows without judgement. I feel honestly honored that my gents choose me to chat to. Since I took the Barber Lions barber talk, an online course for barbers in mental health, I feel more equipped for any of my gents that might be struggling.

Having a younger brother who has special needs, Lucy is also proud to be experienced in lending a hand to other local families who might find it difficult taking their children to a busy barbershop.

I love that within my barbering I get to use my skills. To be able to help with children that have special needs and help build their confidence and watch them grow. It’s my way of giving back after all the help my brother has had. It makes me feel very proud.

What it means

Known as one of the UK’s Finest Barbers and one of the Hairbond Educators, Lucy has demonstrated unique entrepreneurship with an ability to skillfully cut and style hair to the highest level, as well as being there talk to, advise and socially invest in her community including those who know her from the professional barbering industry.

Having my own barbershop is truly my dream come true, it’s only little, but it’s mine and I have made my family and my other half proud and that’s all I ever wanted to do ? I love learning new things and get to as many Barber conventions that I can. They always get me even more excited about being part of this awesome industry. I love that I have found Hairbond hair styling products, it took many years to find a product that I truly believed in, it just does what it says it does and I trust it and actually like every single product on the range which is very hard to find.

Award Winner – Lucy Quance

With some more recent good news, RQ’s Barbershop picked up the Best Barber Shop 2020 – Bristol award, so if you find yourself in Bristol in search of one of Britain’s finest barbers, visit Lucy’s 5 star rated barbershop at

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