“Don’t waste your time styling your clients hair – focus on getting the customers in and out” Do you agree?

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Finest Barbers says what a load of trollop. Yes, your clients come in predominantly for a hair cut, but we say offer them even more!

We all know about the efforts which are being made to raise the standards of barbering and hairdressing worldwide and within those high standards, Finest Barbers specializes in addressing the part of a hair cut service that comes after the cutting and before your customer pays what they owe.

Finest Barbers identifies with “quality and not quantity”.¬† If you get your quality aspects ironed out, quantity will speak for itself.

So how do you add more quality and value to your hair cutting service?


It’s a fact that hair cuts make people feel better, but styling a freshly cut top takes customer confidence to a whole new level.

Our finest barbers don’t just cut hair, but as an added value, at no extra cost to the client, they offer free value via professional hairstyling advice on the cut they have just crafted, as well as a demonstration using only high-value premium products picked out as suggested by the educated barber.


As a Hairbond Educator you, become the expert in a full range of professional styling tools and use your knowledge and expertise to matchmake high-end products to their ideal consumer type.

Asking the client a couple of easy questions about how they usually style their hair, you can then show off your product knowledge, explaining what each product is made to do and why you’ve been selective in your product choices.

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It is paramount to listen to what your customer wants for their hairstyle (matte results, volume, thickening, high shine, texture, low hold products, etc) but always offer the customer the chance to decline a free, hair styling demonstration after the hair has been cut, as some customers may not be interested.

It can be due to many reasons which might include time constraints (in a rush – get me out of here), or maybe they don’t normally use any hair products, so don’t be offended if they are just not interested and want to skip this process and meet you at the till.

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In order to get more retail sales and extra revenue for your business, you do not have to try hard or be good at “selling”.

By demonstrating your expertise in hairstyling will without question improve the retail sales for your business, as your customers will want to try and achieve an inspired style at home, using the professional products you already explained and demonstrated.

Finest Barbers offers a trade discount of approximately half price or less for those who wish to become Hairbond Educators meaning healthy profits, all for switching your business brain into gear becoming a hairstyling guru, sharing your wisdom and experience with your trusted clients as you go.



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