Styling the Tommy Shelby Haircut Season 5 with Hairbond

Tommy Shelby Haircut Season 5 – Hair styling with Hairbond

The Tommy Shelby Haircut Season 5

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The leader of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby has a distinct, proudly harsh haircut; which goes hand in hand with his jarring to the senses behaviour and mannerisms. Since the launch of the fifth series, many more men around the planet have been googling the same thing ” Tommy Shelby haircut season 5 “.

So what is the Tommy Shelby haircut season 5? Well, it’s not an undercut and there is no fade. It is a harsh disconnected haircut, Tommy’s hair is a no guard round the back and sides and the top is made up of two haircuts. The front fringe slightly blending into the front, and the fringe back is cut separately.

How To Style The Tommy Shelby Haircut Season 5

For a legit Tommy Shelby finish we recommend the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. This product will give you the sensation of applying a soft wax but without the greasy feel or look. With a 4/5 hold strength you get lots of control whilst maintaining a true natural matte finish, almost like there’s no product in there at all.




Tommy Shelby Haircut

Now after five seasons of Peaky Blinders, we wanted to look at all of the Peaky Blinders characters hairstyles, which have been taking over our screens recently.

Since this massively successful series launched, men all around the globe have been rushing to their barbers for a peaky inspired hair cut. So lets have a look at the season five hair cuts and how you can style them using non other than the Hairbond United Kingdom products..



The Michael Gray Haircut

Tommy Shelby Haircut

After losing a huge amount of the Peaky Blinders money on the stock exchange, Michael went back to Birmingham only to be denounced by his family, but after spending some time in the states picked up a bit of American style while he was there, this is reflected in his sharp 1920’s, pomade styled haircut.

How Do You Style The Michael Gray Haircut?

As you can see Michael has a pronounced parting down the left hand side of his head. Whilst the hair is slightly damp, or towel dry, we recommend applying a small amount of the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade for the right amount of shine and hold for this look. With a fruity fragrance and water soluble formula you will find this easy and pleasant to both apply and wash out.



The Arthur Shelby Haircut

Tommy Shelby Haircut

Arthur now has a shorter crop style to his hair in comparison with the usual longer length on top that we have seen in previous series. Again it’s been cut short around the sides without a guard on the clipper.

How Do You Style The Arthur Shelby Haircut?

As you can now see Arthur has lost a lot of length on top and is wearing it forwards and down, but you can make out textured layers looking closely at this cut. We recommend using the Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay as it is an elite, matte styling product that creates and enhances texture for the cut but with a relaxed supple/ natural finish.




The Oswald Mosley Haircut

Tommy Shelby Haircut

The star of season 5 has arguably been Sam Claflin, with his appearance as Oswald Mosely making him one of the fiercest adversaries to the Peaky clan to date.

Allegedly Sam Claflin’s hair in the series is actually a top piece that was put on him to give his hair height.

It was then blended into his own hair leaving him with a very sharp peak 1920s haircut.

How Do You Style The Oswald Mosley Haircut Season 5?

Again this natural style is a job for the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. Whilst this product is invaluable for thickening the hair’s appearance you will not need an added top piece to style like Owsald Mosley. The Moulder will give it lift and volume whilst keeping to that natural and mature style.