New 2020 Hairbond POWER Professional Hair Wax

Hairbond Power professional hair wax

If only we could have Super Powers!

To brighten up this year, Hairbond United Kingdom are giving us strength and super powers as they launch two brand new amazing strong hold hair styling products. Finest Barbers are excited to exclusively share these two with the World’s Finest Barbers. It’s time to introduce Hairbond Super and Hairbond Power!

Hairbond Super and Hairbond Power will without a doubt be the most talked-about matte hair styling products of the new decade. Their full titles; Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre and the Hairbond Power Professional Hair Wax.

Available in a huge 100ml size, these new products have been designed to cater for anticipated styles and trends of the years that follow.

Hairbond Power Professional Hair Wax

hairbond power professional hair wax finest barbers

This new addition to the to the Hairbond lineup demonstrates features we’ve never seen before from Hairbond.

For the Hairbond Power, a new colour has been launched into the range. This time it’s a sharp silver which represents this super strong hair wax.

After a decade of manufacturing high-quality performance hair styling products, it’s hard to believe Hairbond have never called one of their products a “hair wax” up until now.

Power Professional Hair Wax

The Hairbond Power Professional Hair Wax is designed to give workable hold and style. Infused with Keratin for extra strength to the hair particle structure.

It combines flexibility with control, gives your hair refined texture and a strong natural finish. When to use: Works very well with medium to long length of hair. Delicious White Choc fragrance that keeps your hair sweet.

The new Hairbond Power will give you a stronghold but with extra smoothness thanks to its Keratin-enriched formula.

As we know, Hairbond do not stop at any costs when they manufacture their premium quality products.

Like the rest of the Hairbond products this formulation has a sweet fragrance in this case, amazing white chocolate. It is also water-based and paraben and sulphate free.

Hairbond Power professional hair wax