Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee

hairbond shaper

The Hairbond Shaper is without a doubt, one of the planets most popular hair styling products. As the brand’s global best-seller, the Hairbond Shaper has dominated the hairstyling market for the last decade.

Instantly recognisable with its bright orange on white branding. The Hairbond Shaper stands tall amongst any hair styling product competition. The first thing people say is, “Whatever is inside must be good if they’ve gone to these lengths to package it like that”.

Next, we unscrew the lid and find a second seal. This inner lid is genius. After you’ve applied the product to your hands, simply pop the seal back on. This ensures the products natural moisture inside is kept fresh.

Inside the Hairbond Shaper

hairbond shaper

Once you pop that seal, go in for your first scoop. You will notice how creamy and pliable this hair toffee really is. Almost disappearing in your hands the Hairbond Shaper leaves a high-quality tack behind. It is strong holding for any hair type.

One of the most talked-about features of this product is its butterscotch toffee fragrance. It is so authentic you wouldn’t think twice about tasting it. But don’t! Applying this fragrance to your hair will no doubt deliver positive comments of people asking, “who is it that, wearing a toffee fragrance, I could eat you!”

This product achieves a low shine for most hair types, but if used in smaller amounts some might say it has quite a natural matte finish.

hairbond shaper

Even though this hair toffee is strong holding, the Hairbond Shaper is a waterbased formula which makes it super easy to wash out, not something you might expect, after all it is a hair toffee.

This product is also free from parabens and sulphates, so no harsh chemicals are used or associated with any Hairbond products.

The Hairbond Shaper is made right here in the UK, like all Hairbond products it is manufactured only with the highest quality ingredients. They stop at nothing to make sure products like the Hairbond Shaper can deliver on-trend hairstyles humanity demands.

Available both in a more affordable 50ml retail size as well as a better value 100ml size.

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