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Creative Aspiration – Taking Part in a Photoshoot

For our Spring issue of Estetica UK, we got an intriguing insight into how members of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing have achieved their creative aspiration by participating in a photoshoot. Here, we dig further into those experiences.

It may be session styling to becoming a colour expert, barbering to extension and textured hair to education. Every hairdresser has a creative aspiration and part of that journey is to participate in a photoshoot. It’s the one thing that covers all areas of the craft. It is also something that can be used in many ways to elevate your career and business, is photographic shoots. Whether it is for a brand campaign, award entry or just as a creative outlet to keep your vision alive, shoots are a way to involve everyone from assistants right through to the salon or brand director.

“The journey of a photoshoot begins with ideas and visions,” explains Jamie Benny, Leader of Fellowship Clubstar Art Team and Artistic Director of Hare & Bone. “Inspiration is all around us and having ideas and a creative vision for the look and feel of the images you want to create is the way to begin. From this, you can create your mood board, which will allow you to set your theme and identify your style and colour palette for the shoot. I love this part of the journey as it allows you to explore your taste and bring your own personal influence to the table. When working with a team this is very important, as everyone should have their own input.”

Michelle Griffin, Founder of Loxbox Extensions and Fellowship Chair continues, “When creating the moodboard, this is such a collaborative time and something very enjoyable and exciting. When working with my team, we sit down and discuss all inspiration and each individuals reasoning behind their input. This then leads us onto the final brief and story for the shoot and then we really get to work on the looks and styles we hope to create. It’s great to be part of such a collaborative moment and see how each individuals minds work. From here, we start the planning and identify the looks we wish to create – putting the looks firmly in place. During this time it is also important to include your photographer, MUA and stylist to ensure everyone is on the same page and aligned.”

“Model selection and casting is your next port of call once looks are in place and everyone is on board. This is one of my favourite things to do as it really gets the wheels in motion and the creativity flowing. Casting for models is fun and very exciting, explains Lisa Farrall, Founder of WIG London and Leader of Fellowship Project X. “It’s important to give the agency a really strong brief – from gender, hair type, colour and texture and what you are looking to do to the hair (styling/colour). This way they will send models who fit and are open to the vision you have – there is no point seeing models who simply wouldn’t work for the shoot. Use this time to be diverse and gender fluid, showcase body positivity and be as inclusive as you can. Being inclusive always starts at the beginning. Once you and the team have made model selections, it is important to get everything confirmed with the agency, detail every aspect of the requirements such as usage, call sheet and the hair plan to get it all signed and sealed.”

Jacqui McIntosh, Leader of Project Afro and European Director of Education for Avlon UK continues, “In the run up to the shoot, you must ensure everything is on track and organised. Whether this is a creative awards shoot or brand campaign, making sure everything is organised. Make it your priority to pull together a detailed call sheet of everyones details, dates, times, call times, addresses and then make a definitive product list, to ensure you have everything required to bring your vision to life. You can never be too organised and it is important that everything is signed off a week prior to allow for an additional details to be dealt with.”

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All You Need To Know About the Shag

Get the inside scoop on why the shag is a hot trend in 2023 – with celebrities and influencers sporting the look.

In 2023, the shag haircut has become a major trend in the fashion world. Its layered, textured style offers versatility and can be customized to suit any face shape or hair type. The shag is also seen as a nod to the retro styles of the 70s and 80s, making it both trendy and timeless!

Shags are fun, they embrace natural textures, are good for any gender, they’re low maintenance, versatile and easy to personalize… that’s why they will continue to be on trend in 2023,” explains Teresa Romero, Creative Director for Sam Villa and Artistic/Education Director for Jose Luis Salon @_teresa_romero

They beauty is anyone can wear a shag. 

  • Texture: Finer hair types need strategic point cutting for lift and texture, whereas coarse curly types usually need some strategic weight assessment to prevent expanding the shape too much. 
  • Face Shape: All face shapes can wear a shag.  Fringe lengths determine what parts of the face are complemented or minimized. Shorter fringe brings attention to the top half of the face and longer fringe brings attention to the lower half. 
  • Layers: It’s all about the layers. The more layers and texturizing, the more the hair can freely move for that lived-in shaggy appearance. 
  • Maintenance: A good shag should last a few months or more before needing a full reshaping. Shorter fringe may need a trim in between visits. Good home care that compliments hair texture and color is a must. Coarse hair needs more moisture and finer/chemically processed hair needs moisture and protein.

Model 1 (Kaitlyn Covington): This wolf cut is a hybrid of shags of the past with longer layers on top and a shorter modern fringe around the face. Depending on hair texture, styling is shake and go or shaped into place with a Sam Villa Signature Series Oval Brush.

Model 2 (Sophia Bachand): This brunette pixie shag is inspired from the Twiggy style pixie. To style, apply a mousse or styling cream and then use a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer with diffuser to set in place.

Credits: Hair/Photographer – Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Creative Director

Learn more from the Sam Villa Team by booking a class here or tunning into FREE Facebook Live classes and YouTube tutorials!

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Fresha Climbs the Ranks in Top 100 Global Marketplaces, Empowering Beauty and Wellness Businesses

Fresha, the leading marketplace platform for beauty and wellness, has cemented its global standing by debuting on the a16z Top 100 Global Marketplaces list.

Securing the 59th spot, Fresha outperforms competitors in the global hair, beauty, and wellness market, reinforcing its position as the world’s top-ranking and fastest-growing marketplace platform.

The California-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz compiles the Marketplace100, assessing companies based on comprehensive marketplace activity scores. These criteria include annual gross merchandise volume (GMV) from Bloomberg, app performance data from Apptopia, and SimilarWeb.

Fresha’s founder and CEO, William Zeqiri, attributes the company’s ranking to its substantial global impact and market leadership. “This milestone demonstrates our partners’ adoption of our technology to manage their businesses and emphasizes Fresha’s customer-centric approach, which perfectly aligns with consumers’ preferences for discovering, booking, and paying for beauty and wellness appointments with local businesses.”

Fresha’s customer-focused philosophy, competitive edge, and product quality have propelled its success. The platform enables businesses to streamline their operations, promote their services, implement marketing campaigns, sell products online, and safeguard against no-shows and last-minute cancellations. The platform offers merchants a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless business operations, including appointment bookings, point-of-sale, customer records management, marketing automation, loyalty programs, beauty product inventory, and team management. Fresha’s consumer marketplace bolsters partner businesses’ revenue potential by leveraging the consumer marketplace, online bookings, automated marketing through mobile apps, and advanced integrations with major tech brands such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Fresha has built an extensive network of approximately 90,000 merchant venues worldwide, predominantly located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Customers book tens of millions of appointments on the platform each month, processing over $10 billion in annual gross merchandise volume (GMV). Supported by New York-based equity firm General Atlantic and other investors like global beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan, Fresha’s valuation surpasses $640 million valuation with its Series C investment round in 2022.

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NEW – HIVE® Soothing Oil, Streamlines & Saves!

 An old favourite receives a dual action update

 A cost of living crisis, rising interest rates, and everyone looking to save money, it is a very difficult time to be a beauty business owner. Always conscious of the needs of the professional beauty industry, HIVE® have updated one of the core treatment solutions in their range, creating a dual action product that streamlines treatments and saves money, HIVE® Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil 400ml available NOW! 

 When used as a pre wax, the vegan formulation will hydrate and cleanse the treatment area, ensuring a clean and safe start. Whilst doing so, the light oil will form a super fine barrier between the skin and the wax being applied. This helps prevent wax from gripping the skin, adhering only to the actual hair. Reducing any skin irritation as the hair is removed in a comfortable action. 

 As an after wax treatment product, the dual use oil cools and conditions the skin, locking in the skin’s natural moisture for suppleness. The inclusion of Guaiazulene, known to aid in the reduction of any inflammation and redness enhances client’s comfort. Any wax residue quickly and gently dissipates as the oil is applied to the treatment area. Leaving the skin smooth, clean, and cared for! 


 HIVE Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil 400ml 

  • • Vegan 
  • • Dual action for pre & after wax 
  • • Contains Guaiazulene 
  • • Paraben free 
  • • Cleanses and soothes 
  • • Removes wax residue 

The HIVE® Wax range is available from all good wholesalers. 


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Luscious Lavender Lust – Get the Look!

Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, takes us on a step-by-step journey through luscious Lavender hues.

Luscious Lavender

“Luscious Lavender is a huge colour trend for the season,” says Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International. “It look beautiful paired with these clean blonde/ashy tones to allow them to really pop. Here’s how I achieved the look…”

  1. The first step in creating this look was pre-lightening the hair to help achieve a clean, even blonde. The hair was pre lightened with BlondME 2% to create a beautiful platinum base.
  2. We then toned it down using 9,5-1 Vibrance to create a super ashy, almost grey/silver tone with no signs of brassiness in sight.
  3. I dried the hair into spikes to elevate the hair. This allowed the colour I was about to apply to stand out even further.
  4. I carefully and visually toned the ends of the spikes with BlondMe toning lilac and ice to finish off the look creating a chic/punk image.
  5. I then finished by setting the hair with a strong hold hairspray to lock the look in place and add extra shine to the hair. One of my favourites for achieving ultimate hold is the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Freeze Fix Strong Hold Hair Spray.

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