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Fall Trend How To: Bardot Bump

Fall always makes people want to primp a little more to look good for school or the office – learn how to create a whimsical Bardot Bump!

It’s still a little warm out, but we’re all dreaming of boots, cashmere, tweed and leather. Sam Villa ArTeam Member, Ellen Devine @ellendevinehair, shares a look with the perfect balance of carefree natural texture combined with the polish of a Bardot-inspired bump to beat the heat while looking cool.

  1. Prep hair with Redken Full Frame 07 for control and body, and use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer with diffuser to dry hair on high heat and low speed. For extra volume, twist the diffuser.
  1. Once dry, brush through lightly with hands to loosen the natural waves. For extra volume, hit the root area with the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron in the crown area, making sure to crimp underneath the part line. 
  1. Backcomb the crown area using a Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, using the first few rows of the brush to slightly smooth hair back, and making sure to leave a bit of natural texture. 
  1. Drop out front pieces, gather hair above the parietal and secure in the back area by twisting hair and inserting a bobby pin upwards with the wavy side against the scalp. Use another bobby pin to cross over the previous one in an “X” pattern. Secure any other areas with hairpins to lightly hold hair in place without making it too tight.
  1. Spray with Redken Triple Dry 15 for hold and a natural, textured, airy finish.

Credits: Hair: Ellen Devine, Sam Villa ArTeam; Artistic Director: Teresa Romero;
Photography: Nico Norsdström/Obsidian and Blush; Makeup: Tanya Ortega and Leticia Tapia; Wardrobe: Michi Lafary/Obsidian and Blush; Model: Alyssa Mitchell; Tools: Sam Villa; Products: Redken.

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Multi Melt – Get the Look

Matrix Artist Ambassador Ria Kulik has the perfect melt technique for clients looking to add depth and dimension to hair for autumn with the Multi Melt technique.

Multi Melt

Yona’s hair had a balayage technique that was enhanced using a Matrix Multi melt technique. Hair by Matrix Artist Ambassador, Ria Kulik.

Get the Look

A SoColor Sync 20 parts 5M 10 parts 3N
B SoColor Sync 20 parts SPV 20 parts 9MM 5 PARTS 6RV+
C SoColor Sync 10 parts 10M 10 parts 8CG

1 Divide hair into four quadrants and then the application started at the back of the head working forwards in diagonal sections.
2 Apply Formula A in a stretched root to the scalp area. Apply Formula B in the mid-section, finally apply Formula C to the ends of the hair. Melt the formulas together using the fore and middle fingers.
3 Adjust in the front sections the technique by using formula A as a root tap rather than a root stretch.
4 Remove the colour first using Total Results Lamination Spray and then sprayed with Total Results Miracle Creator 20 for condition, heat protection and a speedy blow dry.
5 The hair was blow-dried with Style Link Volume Builder and a round brush. Finished using a large wand and Style Link Volume Fixer

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Zymon Collection by Shy + Flo

With the Zymon Collection, SHY + FLO embarks on a work fully dedicated to the male universe. The looks reunite the most important and influential haircuts of previous decades, forming a new whole.

Zymon Collection

Thus, in the Zymon Collection by Shy + Flo we find details and elements from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that coexist and flow with each other. For the hairdressers, it was essential to faithfully reproduce the character of the models and capture a pure and real moment.

Each look shows a high-definition hairdressing concept and the strength and stylistic mastery of the team. The geometric contours, the twists with the textures, and the contrasts reflect the authentic soul of a man who is true to himself when he breaks with the established. All this is perceptible in the haircuts, created with a precise and methodical style that gives the collection a subtle and light sophistication that does not overwhelm.

Hair:  SHY+FLO Art Directors: Shayna and Florian Knittel Photography: KO Photography MUA: Jasmin Berger Styling: Edgar Balseca Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

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Project X Spends Day with Hare & Bone

It was a day of all round education when the Fellowship’s Project X team spent the day with Hare & Bone artistic team members Jamie Benny, Amelia Evans and Jose Domene.

Project X

The team, who are all former members of the Fellowship F.A.M.E. Team, shared their Philosophy Tech-Trilogy of all round approach to hair including cutting, colouring and editorial styling. The team, along with Project X team leader and Hare & Bone owner Sam Burnett, shared simple styling techniques as well as cutting and colouring techniques to take back to the salon and use on shoots and shows.

Member Cameron Willetts said: “This was the best day of education we have had so far. I learnt so much and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, it was so inspiring.” 

Justine Weir added: We learned so much, from the importance of prepping and setting hair to creating the best looks for editorial work, as well as new colour placement applications. This has been one of my favourite session of the year.”

Lauren Grace commented: “The Hare & Bone artistic team took us through four editorial looks and two colours. They broke the techniques down in a way that was so easy to understand and could easily be implemented into our own work. As well as this they showed us ways to easily spice up our work to make a look completely different with just a few tweaks. Then it was our turn to put into practice what we had learnt. The best part about the day was that the skills were so transferable, I know I will use these skills in the salon, when doing bridal work and at fashion week.”

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Gina Conway Best Sustainable Hair Salon

The Gina Conway Group, the UK’s leading environmentally conscious salon chain, has won Best Sustainable Hair Salon at this year’s Marie Claire Sustainability Awards. 

Gina Conway
Gina Conway and Robin James Hague have joined forces to create an exciting new hairdressing Salon Super Group operating under the Gina Conway brand.

The group currently employs over 100 individuals and represents the cutting edge in luxury environmental salon experiences. The group is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in all locations. The selection as Best Sustainable Hair Salon came from an award-winning judging panel. These consisted of over 50 of the world’s leading sustainability experts, activists and the Marie Claire UK editorial team. 

“I love Marie Claire’s commitment to the environment and the incredible work they do towards creating a greener future,” commented Gina Conway. “This award means so much to us because taking care of the environment is at the very heart of everything that we do.

“Every member of our team does their bit. They help us to lead the way in driving sustainable practices within the hair and beauty industry. We are so proud to work with Aveda and be a part of their mission to take care of the earth.”

Gina Conway received praise from judge Millie Kendall OBE, as a “brilliant voice of the industry”. Meanwhile, the salon group got recognition for its wide range of sustainable practices. These range from from low-voltage lighting to water restrictors. They also work with the Green Salon Collective to sort, recycle and compost salon waste.

In addition, the judges also commended the group’s team members, all of whom have to complete the Sustainable Stylist Certification and a ‘Pledge to the Planet’ contract setting out their commitment to positive change when they join the business, ensuring that the whole company is aligned in its mission to make the planet a better place.

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