Ahmed Abu-Haltam (hairabu) joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents


We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Ahmed Abu-Haltam to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents. His name is Ahmed Abu-haltam, or you may know him as “hairabu”, he is a professional and new age digital barber. At 21 years old he’s the new kid on the block from the north part of New Jersey but certainly leading the way when it comes to utilizing technology, the internet and social media to promote his talented barbering skills.  After graduating high school Ahmed went to work for experience as a salesmen at a Lexus dealership while attending college for international business. After 2 years in sales he discovered passion for the hair industry, quit his job and transferred to the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school.

Although he wanted to do both men and women’s cutting/coloring, he was always surrounded by barbering because his father is the owner of his own barber shop, so as a youngster Ahmed would spend days at his dad’s shop washing and sweeping hair.  He told us “Getting more into barbering I started to realize that it was true art, an art I wanted to perfect. From shear cuts to skin fades, I love doing it all. It’s not just about the haircut, getting a service at a salon was about the experience. That was something many guys (at least in my area) said their barbers were lacking in. I tell my clients “you’ve worked all week, you deserve to be pampered” ”

Thinking about what his customers want and moving with the times, Ahmed waited no time and started making hair tutorials videos to post on Instagram and quickly became an influential resource for brands, what they call an influencer. He has since worked with companies from around the globe including Hairbond United Kingdom, demonstrating their British made, premium, hair styling products.

“Hairabu” says “Instagram helped me network with other well known hairstylists, other incredible influencer’s, and the best hair product companies. I plan to take myself to new levels in the future and open up my own salon soon.”

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